5 Fun Ideas for Your Next Bestie Date

Show your best friend how much you appreciate her by organizing these fun activities.
5 Fun Ideas for Your Next Bestie Date

A true friend is hard to find, so make the effort to show your bestie how much you love her by preparing exciting dates for her. It's a great way to deepen your friendship and make new memories together. Below are just some fun and relaxing things you can do with your closest friend in the world.

1. Bake together.

If you've always wanted to try that cake recipe but find it way too intimidating, why not have your bestie over for a baking sesh? After all, even the most daunting task becomes easier when shared with a friend.

2. Go on a thrift shopping spree.

You don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks. That's why almost everyone loves thrift shops, where you can get designer finds for the cost of a latte. The great thing about thrifting with your best friend is that you already have someone on hand to give you an honest opinion when you ask "Bagay ba?"

3. Take special classes.

You and your bestie may be studying in different schools or taking up different courses, but you can always take special classes together. Why not awaken your inner artists and sign up for drawing, painting, or bead work lessons? If you want something a bit more challenging, why not enroll in a driving class? We're sure you've been dreaming of going on road trips for quite some time now!

4. Gastronomic adventure, anyone?

New restaurants are always popping up around the city, which means there's always a new bestie date spot just waiting to be explored. And since you're already going on a food adventure, why not order the most daring item on the menu?

5. Say yes to a sparty.

Who doesn't want to have Instagram-ready nails for those #InMyHands and #FromWhereIStand shots? Just take your cue from the Candy Squads who spartied with us at the first three legs of the Candy Chicas Lounge event. They spent QT and had their nails done with their besties at Nail Cocktales, Tomas Morato on Sept. 10, Nail Spa, Shangri-La Mall on Oct. 6, and Make Me Blush, Hemady Square on Nov. 7. They even experimented with bold colors and nail art designs care of our partner, Chic Nail Color.

Check out our gallery and video below to see all the exciting things that went down during the event.

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