5 Desserts That Are Yummy And Healthy

Who says you can't enjoy your dessert and still be healthy?
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jul 22, 2014
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Sometimes when you get a sweet craving, you automatically reach for junk food. We've rounded up a few recipes that are healthy but really tasty for you to whip up so you can treat yourself without the guilt.

  1. White Chocolate Yogurt Cups
    The yogurt and fruit or granola (whichever you prefer to top your cups with) balance out the sweetness of the white chocolate.

  2. Watermelon-Lemon Sorbet
    Need something refreshing on a hot afternoon? Skip the ice cream or gelato and make this sorbet!

  3. Sarah's Granola Bars
    Instead of buying energy bars to snack on either before or after your workout, why not make your own? You can make these ahead and throw a few into a baggie to take with you while you're on the go!

  4. Strawberry Oatmeal Crisp Trifle
    Dessert doesn't always have to be rich and decadent. Using natural sweeteners like honey and coco sugar makes this trifle healthier than the usual.

  5. Fresh Fruit Popsicles
    You don't need to put sugar if you don't want to. There are fruits that are naturally sweet so adjust to your liking! 

Which one are you going to try making? Snap a pic and tag us and use the hashtag #candybites so we can see!

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