5 Channels That Will *Finally* Help You Start Hobbies You've Always Wanted To Try

You can easily learn them from watching tutorials online!
Jun 30, 2021
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5 Channels That Will *Finally* Help You Start Hobbies You've Always Wanted To Try

During the lockdown, you’re probably trying out new things and turning them into hobbies. And the more time you spend at home, the more things you are eager to try. The good thing is, it’s not hard to find resources that can help you start whatever hobby you want to get into—thanks to the various content creators who readily share their own processes of doing various things!

Whether you want to pick up a new hobby or want to rediscover the fun in things you already do, below are some channels that would convince you to go for it—and at the same time help you do it!

Hannah Kathleen (by Hannah Pangilinan)

Niche: Productivity Hacks

Weaving in self-improvement practices into our everyday routine is pretty important. But, it can also be a bit challenging to navigate around. What exactly should you do, anyway? Well, why not let Hannah Pangilinan help you out? The 21-year-old content creator has quite a lot of wise things to share in her aesthetically pleasing videos. She’s been dabbling in journaling, bucket listing, as well as creating routines that work for her—which notably goes beyond the regular routines as she even has one dedicated to doing a life reset. Plus, she has a series of videos where she runs down on all the things she’s learned every year!

Jo Sebastian

Niche: Fitness and Wellness

Coming from a place where she struggled with body image and not-so-healthy eating patterns, Jo Sebastian, now a registered nutritionist-dietitian, specializes on workout content that ranges from full-body workouts to those focused on specific body parts. What’s more, she shares healthy recipes and even talks about different things about nutrition! At present, Jo is also a wellness speaker and a coach on the exercise app Rebel.

Aji Quimbao

Niche: Beauty

In school, Aji Quiambao is a Behavioral Science student. On YouTube, she’s Aji who explores the world of makeup! She has since made videos of her trying out different Korean-inspired looks—from that of a K-pop idol and K-Drama lead Lim Jugyeong from True Beauty down to the everyday looks of Korean girls—along with other transformation videos, among other things!

Sam's Halaman

Niche: Gardening

Caring for plants has been an enduring quarantine trend. If you’re scared of trying it out in fear of not being able to care for them properly, you can turn to Sam’s Halaman, which is run by Sam who also picked up this hobby not long ago! There, she gives walkthroughs on raising various plants, as well as tips on potting and propagating. She also shares videos of her plant hauls and of her own garden, which might just inspire you to grow your own plant collection at home.

Andree Bonifacio (by AC Bonifacio)

Niche: Dancing

Want to touch up on whatever dancing skills you’ve got? Look no further than AC Bonifacio’s channel to get your gears going! This well-loved—and accomplished—dancer has tons of K-pop dance covers, including those of Blackpink and BTS hits.

Really, you just need an internet connection to begin doing the things you’ve always wanted to try. And who knows, they may even catapult you to something bigger!

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