5 Benefits of Cold Water Baths in the Morning

For those days you don't have hot water in the morning, read this and you'll be glad you showered in cold water!
by Pam Carlota   |  Oct 17, 2016
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With a tropical country such as the Philippines, we only got two seasons, which is the wet and dry season. Most of the time, it could be really hot—especially in summer! But there are times when there's a storm, it could be freezing cold. This affects our morning routine where we go the extra mile and adjust our bath water temperature. But for those days when you're late for work and you don't have that extra time for a hot shower, here are five benefits to cold water which will make you glad you kept the water cool.

  1. Makes your hair and skin prettier.

Cold showers can retain the natural oils of our skin and hair. In addition to that, it lessens hair fall as it keeps the follicle flat and increases grip on your scalp. (via menprovement.com)

  1. Stimulates weight loss.

According to the Joslin Diabetes Center, we have a good type of fat called brown fat, which generates heat in our bodies to keep us warm when we're exposed to extreme temperatures. When the brown fat activates, we could burn a number of our stored fat! (via medicaldaily.com)


  1. Keeps you energized and increases alertness.

Cold showers are like our morning cups of coffee. When you feel a bit groggy early in the morning, a cold shower is the solution to make you more awake. From the first touch of cold water, your breathing deepens because of the shock caused by the cold. Your heart rate increase, which leads to the rush of blood circulating in your body, keeping you energized throughout the day! (via lifehack.org)

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  1. Gets your mood up and keeps you happier.

Cold water has some anti-depressive effect as it can lift your mood because of the happy neurotransmitters that goes to your brain. Because of your increased alertness and having a pep in your step, cold showers improve our mood throughout the day. (via fastcompany.com)

  1. A better immune system.

Because cold showers speed our metabolic rate, they also activate our immune system, releasing white blood cells that fight virus. (via sites.psu.edu)


Do you normally bathe in cold or hot water in the morning? Tell us in the comments!

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