4 Ways To Preserve Your Books

Keep your favorite titles in mint condition with these tips
by Gab Buganan for RealLiving.com.ph   |  Sep 7, 2016
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Even with the growing popularity of e-books, nothing can beat the feeling of turning a page when reading a book. Hard copies may grow old and fragile with time, but with the right tricks and a few nifty hacks, you'll be able to browse through your best reads for decades to come. Check them out below: 

Store your books in non-humid spaces.

Since books are made from organic materials, storing them in moist places can generate funky odors or worse, mildew. Prevent your copies from smelling musty by storing them in open shelving or run a fan in your mini library every now and then to keep the air moving. 

Use baking soda sachets to keep it smelling crisp. 

If you live in a compact home and you have no room for proper shelves, try placing small bags of baking soda in your basket and bins where you keep your books. You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for to make a sweeter scent! 


Get rid of mildew before it spreads. 

Are you a little too late and your hardbound favorites are starting to wither? This is usually the first sign of forming mildew. Do some damage control by placing it inside a Ziploc bag then storing it in your freezer for a day or two to get rid of active fungi. Once you take it out, vacuum off any hardened fungi and leave the book to dry. 

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Invest in dust covers. 

While you can always protect your books with plastic cover, it usually breaks down over time and can be difficult to remove. Consider buying dust covers made from sturdy paper or leather instead—you can even get it in different colors to make your display extra fun! 

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