4 Reasons Why People Need a Hug RN

Hugs are important, too.
by Pam Carlota   |  Nov 30, 2016
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Just like how laughter is the best medicine, hugs can also be therapeutic and can give you and others some relief from the stress of everyday life. 

  1. It takes away fear.

Hugging can actually help when you are feeling scared. Even hugging inanimate objects such as teddy bears can help reduce a person's fear. So the next time you are up against fear, try hugging your pets, a stuffed toy, or anyone who's close to you. It could surely arm you with anything frightening that you are about to face.

  1. Hugging can heal a person.

It can relieve stress, while lowering the risk of heart disease, reduces fatigue, and boosts your immune system. Hugging for at least 20 seconds could also ease depression.(via mercola.com)

  1. It helps people who are insecure about themselves.

Hugging helps people with their self-esteem issues because it can project the feelings of love and appreciation to the people who really needs them the most. Insecurity stems from lack of self-confidence and anxiety that people beat themselves up with self pity. The next time you are around someone you know are insecure about themselves, give them a hug to show them that they are worth the appreciation you're giving them right now.

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  1. It happens both ways.

Sometimes, the people who need hugs the most are ourselves. The good thing about hugging is that it is a two way thing. With hugs you always get what you receive in an instant, making it a win-win situation.

Be sure to give a hug to anyone who needs it right now! Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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