4 Clever Hacks to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home

There's no need to change your router or service provider, too!
by Gab Buganan for RealLiving.com.ph   |  Jun 28, 2017
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Nowadays, it can be tough to find a home without Wi-Fi. In fact, a strong and stable connection is considered to be a necessity in most households. Sometimes, we even go the extra mile and pay for the best service providers just to have reliable internet.

However, there is one thing that can be difficult to dodge—bad reception. If you're having trouble with slow speeds or unexpected disconnections, here are some smart hacks you can try:

  1. Don't hide your router.

Routers may not be the prettiest to look at but you won't be able to maximize its potential if you hide it behind shelves or cabinets. If you want the best signal, you'll have to put it out in the open where it is free of obstructions.

  1. Place large furniture along the exterior walls of your home.

Signals cannot travel properly through thick panels and tall pieces. To enhance the reception further, place large furniture along the exterior walls of your home.


  1. Keep the router middleground.

Did you know that router signals travel laterally or downward from the source? You'll get better results if you keep the router middleground. For example, in a three-storey home, the most ideal spot is the second floor.

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  1. Move your router away from gadgets that transmit through signals.

Gadgets that transmit through signals can interrupt your Wi-Fi as well. Make sure to move your router away from cordless phones, microwaves, and TV sets.

    SOURCES: Lifehacker | Apartment Therapy

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