3 Things I Learned From My Favorite Books

"You are poetry; you are everyone you're yearning to be all at once, you are living a life outside of your own and that's so beautiful."
by Alyssa Jose   |  Nov 18, 2015
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I have lived many lives in thousands of pages. I have seen many days and many nights; I have been so many different people for the books I've read took me places. When the going gets tough and nothing seems to fall into place, I grab a book, tuck myself in, and I read to escape. I let the book pull me in and every time, I am someone else. In this worldI can be adored, believed in; I can be happy. I can experience pain that's unimaginable, my life can be in shambles; I can be at my worst. I'm in awe with how the books we read help us see the world in different perspectives, from different vantage points. It's as if we get a new pair of eyes for every book we pick up. Expect these new eyes to cry in joy, or frustration, and pain; but embrace these feelings because tonight you are anyone but yourself. You are poetry; you are everyone you're yearning to be all at once, you are living a life outside of your own and that's so beautiful.


Some books left me breathlessly in love, while some broke my heart one too many times. I have read about love that won against all odds, and also about those that crashed and burned before they even started. I fell in love with the promises of forever, and felt pain for those whose love can never be returned.Books showed me that love is something that pulls us in all different directions, breaks us apart, only to put us back together. It taught me how love is a beautiful thing, even more so when felt in all the hurt that comes with it; that its value is never diminished by sham or uncertainty. Books fearlessly tell the things we're too afraid to admit to ourselves, they show the most intense emotions that we're too overwhelmed or indifferent to feel. The moment we lose ourselves in a book is the exact moment that we find out who we really are. The walls we have built around our hearts slowly crumble in every sentence that says what has always been at the back our minds. We start believing because our thoughts are in these pages, someone out there gets us and for now that is enough.

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I read because I long to be far away from here, lost on purpose. I want to be someplace else to soothe my bones that yearn to keep on moving. I read books because they show me everything I could be; the life I can live, the people I can meet, and the places I can see. Books show me that there's more out there for me to see and hear and feel. They make me feel that the world awaits me and I can live a life as vibrant as that of my favorite heroine. Books show me what could be for me and I have always loved how I am not the same person after closing a final chapter for I get to dream new dreams. The possibilities are out there for me, and only for me.

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