17 Embarrassing Moments at the Game

Whether it's at your school intrams or at the UAAP Finals, being a spectator means being a good sport!
  |  Jul 18, 2010
compiled by Maita Ponce and Vero Zamesa * illustration by Ben Deluyas
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  1. Fall From Grace
    Members of UAAP pep squads can attest to the fact that a basketball game’s halftime can be quite competitive. At one of the Ateneo-La Salle games (and we all know that these games fill up the entire coliseum with screaming supporters), I was assigned to open the Ateneo halftime with a basket toss. Unfortunately, I fell flat on my face from a height of 25 feet! The lifters tried to catch me but they only managed to catch my feet. They tried to pull me up, which made the whole scene even worse. I was so stunned after that fall that I almost forgot to do the next lift—a split lift, which came right after the basket toss. But the Ateneo crowd cheered even more when I was able to get my act together. It was like they were telling me, “It’s okay.” Whew. —Blue Babbler, 19

  2.  Mistaken Identity
    I was at the championship match between Ateneo and La Salle in 2002. Since I happened to get courtside tickets with my friends, I was hoping to get an autograph from my favorite player. I had a big crush on him! After the game, I rushed towards the players’ bench and called out his name. He smiled and came towards me. I had mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement. Handing him both pen and paper, I said, “Can you get my autograph?“ He gave me a surprised look but took the pen and signed anyway. He said goodbye and headed for the dugout. It was only then that I realized what I said! Ack! I instantly turned red all over. I still can‘t quite forgive myself for such a big booboo. —Jenny, 16

  3. In Your Face!
    My friends and I had these huge foam hands for the season’s final game. I was seated beside my crush and was having a great time. When a player from the team we were rooting for scored a great shot and sealed the win, I stood up with the crowd and cheered. But I accidentally smacked my crush’s face with the foam hand! I instantly regretted wearing that stupid thing. —Jack, 17

  4. Practice Makes Perfect
    It was my first halftime report. I was giving a spiel on Nestlé Non-stop Ice Cream. We were supposed to say, “Nestlé Non-stop, black forever, the one and only black ice cream!“ I kept saying “forever black“ so I kept practicing it. Guess what happened? I got that part right but I said, “The only and one black ice cream!“ —Chinie Canivel

  5. VIP Treatment
    My friends and I got hooked on UAAP last year. Since we had never watched a game, my friend’s dad got us courtside seats! We were quite psyched because we were so near the players. In the last quarter, people began to crowd right in front of us. I was so irritated because I couldn’t see what was happening. In my frustration, I yelled at the person who was standing right in front of me, “Excuse me nga! We can’t see anymore!” The guy turned around and he happened to be the coach! —Janice, 16

  6. We’ve Got the Beat!
    I was part of my college cheerleading squad, and we performed at UAAP games. During one cheering competition, the music suddenly stopped playing. We didn’t know what to do so one member continued the routine by counting the beat out loud. The rest followed. After a few moments, the music started playing again! We got flustered and started doing the routine from the top, but we lost our synchronization. It was horrible! —Pat, 24

  7. Close-Up Moment
    I was once picked to be the Kamiseta Girl for a UAAP game. I was so psyched that I forgot to check how I looked in front of the mirror. While the camera was rolling, the cameraman kept on pointing at his teeth. I thought that meant for me to smile wider so I did. After that shot, he went up to me and said, “Miss, may hotdog ka sa ngipin.” I immediately checked, and true enough, a chunk of meat from my hotdog sandwich was stuck in between my teeth! —Kamiseta Girl, 18

  8. A Helping Hand
    When my boyfriend made it into his school’s basketball team, I wanted to surprise him after a game. I brought him a light snack and helped him with his things. A lot of girls thought I was his yaya! —Nineteen’s girl, 19

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