15 Ways to Stay Organized this Year

by Melanie Santiago   |  Jan 30, 2016
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  1. KonMari Method
    Practice the infamous KonMari method of organizing, simplifying and storing using this illustrated guide and you'll begin to question if your belongings spark joy.

  2. Shoe Storage
    As much as you want to let your inner shoeaholic run free, it can be chaotic and damaging to have your footwear lying around. This pin has nifty DIYs to inspire an organized shoe corner.

  3. DIY Accessories Holder
    A genius pin that shows you how to turn toilet paper tubes into a fancy accessory holder, easy and resourceful, yes!

  4. Lotion Bottle Charging Dock
    Remove the messy sight of gadgets charging on the floor, instead craft this eco-friendly DIY that makes use of a lotion bottle and transforms it into a chic holder.

  5. DIY Plastic Organizers
    Sort pens, makeup brushes, and other stuff by repurposing colored plastic bottles into jars. This is a thriftier alternative to using mason jars.

  6. Washi Tape Holder
    We understand your love for washi tape and how it can get a little out of hand. This video teaches how to create customized boxes perfect for storing and organizing them.

  7. DIY Cubby Shelf Organizer
    Create a unique and stylish wall organizer by using a corkboard and empty duct tape rolls. Place near a mirror or entryway so it can be suitable to store makeup or keys.

  8. DIY Sushi Mat Brush Organizer
    Store your brushes using a sturdy sushi mat, interlaced with garter to hold them in. Easy and perfect for travel!

  9. DIY Ring Box
    With an empty box and sponge, you can create your own ring organizer in just 5 minutes.

  10. Bathroom Cabinet Cheat Sheet
    Maximize your bathroom cabinet with an in-depth guide on where and how to store your toiletries.

  11. Make the most of each day
    A simple yet practical guide to tackle your day with a to-do list, our fave: write your to-do list other than your place of work.

  12. Personalize Your Planner
    One of the best ways to stay organized and motivated is with a planner you'll love to customize, and there are a million ways to personalize yours, just check out this video.

  13. Hanging Notepad
    A quick place to write down important numbers, dates and more, this Hanging Notepad DIY isn't only chic but very practical. You can also customize by using brown craft paper rolls.

  14. Closet Dos and Don'ts
    The ultimate guide to the dos and don'ts of closet organization, plus a hanger strategy to help identify what clothes to give away.

  15. Gold Pen Holder
    Create a command center on your desk with this set pen holder (which you can use for makeup brushes and eyeliner pens too) and place essentials in an elegant container you can DIY.

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