15 Ways to Personalize Your Planner

Planners can be addictive and super fun to spruce up with these DIY tricks.
by Melanie Santiago   |  May 29, 2016
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  1. Candy Planner

A planner isn't just a tool help organize your life, it can also be the best friend you can share special moments with so be sure to check out our Candy planner to help you get started on ways to personalize it with the DIYs below.

  1. Water and Meds Reminder  

These cute icons will remind you to stay hydrated and drink 8 glasses of water a day, plus when to take your meds. Print on sticker paper and simply cut out.

  1. Bow Paper Clips

Create adorable bow paper clip toppers when you follow the steps on this pin. Mix and match patterns to get unique looks.

  1. Savings Tab

Draw your own savings guide by following this envelope template. Write your goal on the flap and place the values you need to save for each day or week. Color in the squares when you’ve achieved them.

  1. Pastel Planner Dividers


These pastel themed dividers are sure to bring back a spring theme to your planner.

  1. Motivational Prints

Make your planner a source of positivity by adding these pretty motivational prints.

  1. Planner Stickers

There's nothing more fun than adding stickers on the pages of your planner. Get these free stickers in fun summer designs.

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  1. Galaxy-Themed Stickers

Or print this set for galaxy themed stickers

  1. DIY Folder

Customize your own folders to get that extra storage in your planner. Follow the simple steps from this video.

  1. Planner Tabs

Watch this vid for an idea on how to make your own planner tabs. Print out a design you like and laminate tom create a sturdy tab.

  1. Countdown Printable

Have an upcoming event? A concert you’re looking forward to or even a birthday, countdown to those special moments with these printables.

  1. Printable Planner To-Do List

Add these To-Do list inserts to your planner that come in candy colored hexagon patterns.

  1. Printable Stickers for Writers

The frustrations of a writer come in waves, writer's block and procrastination are just some but these seriously cute sticker printables will remind you of deadlines and revisions needed!

  1. Washi Paperclip Flags

This no-fuss DIY is as simple as taping a portion of a paperclip with your prettiest washi tape which use it to flag important pages in your planner.

  1. Planner Cover

Get inspiration from this pin and follow a step-by-step on how to DIY your own planner cover.  All you need to get started is a folder in a design you like.

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