15 Ways to Handle Money Better

Check out real, easy ways every Candy Girl can do to save money, without the financial jargon.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Jun 27, 2015
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 1  121 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

Rule#1, spend less than what you earn, instead of buying luxury items, busy yourself with fun things on this list.

 2  Basic Money Saving Tips 

5 relatable tips that you and your friends can do that include buying second hand items, riding carpool and more.

 3  Keep a Money Diary

Jot down where you get money and what you spend on, to monitor where your cash goes and decide whether it's worth it.

 4  14 Money-Saving Starbucks Hacks

Your need for caffeine can take a toll on your wallet; try these 14 hacks at Starbucks to save more on your next order.

 5  Cash Budget Envelope System

Place specific amounts of cash in envelopes intended for particular activities such as movies, food, and more. This pin shows the how-tos with cute printable envelopes.

 6  Learn to Negotiate

Learn how to negotiate whether at home, school or at work, developing this skill can help you get a raise or an opportunity to gain more benefits.


 7  Focus on Making Money

Combine your efforts on saving moolah with making more; this article gives non-mainstream advice that makes you rethink your "life themes" and how you can get there.

 8  Host a Clothing Swap

Save money and invite pals with similar built and size to swap pre-loved clothes for a new addition to your closets, and do good by donating the leftovers to charity.

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 9  Green Ways to Save Money

This pin shows how we can incorporate simple, eco-friendly ways that help save the earth and money at the same time.

 10  Makeup Addict's Guide to Saving Money

Ever thought about swirling your mascara bottle in a pot of hot water to get the dried bits out? Read these smart tips to make the most out of your cosmetics!

 11  Things NOT to Spend Money On

Like paper towels, wrapping paper (hello, DIY!) and a gym membership to name a few, rethink what you’re spending money on and check how you can do it yourself.


 12  DIY Cleaning Products

Help reduce expenses around the house and have your family try these DIY cleaning products that work just as well as commercial ones without the high price tag.

 13  Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Discover treasures in thrift stores! You’d be surprised at what you'd find, but before you do, read these tips to get the best deals.

 14  34 Ways to Make Your Stuff Last Longer

Check out helfpul ways you can make food and household items last longer before purchasing a new batch.

 15  Financial Well-Being

These 4 signs give us a clear idea what it is to be well-off and are milestones we can work towards.

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