15 Ways to Give Yourself a Break

Reward yourself, you deserve it!
by Melanie Santiago   |  Jul 16, 2016
Image: Patrick Martires
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  1. Give yourself a good night's rest.

No surprise here, a lot of us rarely get full sleep. This pin features simple tips on how to maximize your environment and avoid habits that result to poor sleep.

  1. Cook yourself a cheat meal.

Once in a while, indulge yourself in a savory meal or heavenly dessert. Try out these mouth-watering recipes and share it with good company for an even better break.

  1. Create a thank you list.

Incorporate a positive habit to your daily routine, for each day of the month, find something to be grateful for, or you can do this list in one sitting to get maximum positivity.

  1. Have some tea.

From anxiety, acne, to PMS, there's a kind of tea to help alleviate these problems. Slow down a busy day by sipping a hot cup of tea.

  1. Get a home facial.

No fancy ingredients here, in fact, you only need coffee grinds and milk to give yourself a pampering at home facial.

  1. Have a Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate float.

Because it's the rainy season and a hot beverage with ice cream is pretty much sunshine in a mug.   

  1. Read a good novel.

Escape reality with a good read, these YA novels will have you travel different worlds and fall in love with heroines and their stories.

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  1. Play with your pets.

Your fluffy, loving pets deserve a break too, and for them it's as simple as spending quality time. Cuddling your pet will surely give you happiness and relaxation you need. Make it worthwhile by whipping up a batch of tasty, healthy pet treats.

  1. Take care of a succulent.

These low-maintenance plants will add a happy and relaxing vibe to your room. Use cute decorations, crystals, figurines, and printed bowls to give your succulent a happy home.

  1. Engage in art therapy.

There are many forms of art therapy that involve just letting your imagination run free, so don’t worry if you don't identify as artsy or creative, you can still largely benefit from the activities in this pin.

  1. Try simple yoga poses.

You only need ten minutes to stretch your way to a more positive and rejuvenated person. Follow these five simple moves here.

  1. Relax with reflexology.

Massaging specific pressure points in your body will help calm you down, a nice guide to keep handy for sudden stressful moments.

  1. Listen to music.

Slow it down with Norah Jones or have fun with the Spice Girls, this song list would make a great addition to your playlist.

  1. Read affirmations.

Manifest positivity on a negative day; declare these powerful statements to give yourself some self-love.

  1. Get lost in travel films.

Winding down after a hectic day with a good movie is a must-do on our list, try watching these travel-themed flicks to inspire the wanderlust in you.

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