15 Ways To Give Your Room A Mini Makeover

by Melanie Santiago   |  Feb 1, 2014
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Ever tire of looking at the same boring wall? Or do you find yourself to have a passion for style but have no place to express it? Refresh and update your space with these mini DIY décor and makeover tips.

  1. Hanging Inspiration
    Deck your walls with pretty posters and inspiring quotes to give you that shot of positivity in the morning.

  2. Artistic Turns
    Get creative with mixed media, post a memorable photo on your wall and combine elements like flowers, cards, or tickets. Then frame it using loud washi tape colors.

  3. Pops of Washi
    Add a pop of décor and color to a plain wall. Use solid colored washi tape to create diagonal stripes or geometric figures.

  4. Framed Scarf
    Frame printed scarves or vintage fabric on your wall for an easy and quick touch of art.

  5. Insta Memories
    Take your most cherished Instagram photos, print it out or have it developed so you can hang it on your wall either on a frame or garland style, to remind you of all the good times.

  6. Poster Prints
    In need of some good posters to hang or stick on your wall? Check out this board for some pretty interesting designs.

  7. Hexagon Wall Treatment
    Get geometric and add some honeycomb cardboard cutouts to your bedroom wall. Cover each piece with colored paper or printed fabric, you can also go for an ombre or glitter theme.

  8. Miniature Marquee Garlands
    Make your own Marquee letter garlands out of simple scrapbooking paper, hot glue and a string of Christmas lights to add a festive touch to your room!

  9. Painted Mason Jars
    Let’s move from the wall to table tops, reuse old mason jars by filling them with paint and swirling it around. Leave it to dry upside down for beautiful vases with pops of color to hold fresh flowers or pens!

  10. Not Your Ordinary Garden Pot
    Spruce up indoor plants with these luxurious garden pots you can recreate by painting your garden pots jewel tone colors and adding touches of gold leaf.

  11. Pet Pillows
    If you live in a dorm, this DIY is a treat, get mementos of your pets by printing their cutest photo on transfer paper and ironing it on a plain pillow cover.

  12. Sequin Pillow
    Add touches of glam to your room with a lush sequin pillow which you can create by upcycling an old sequin skirt to cover one of your pillows.

  13. JewelryDisplay
    A really great way to add some bling to your room is through displaying your collection of jewelry. Create a vintage display board with some wood/cardboard, paint and small hooks you can purchase at any craft store.

  14. Globe Trotter
    Use thrift store buys like old globes to add exotic pieces to your room, be sure to spruce it up with prints, photos and cards.

  15. Hanging Magazine Rack
    Display your collections of pretty mags including the latest issue of Candy on your wall with simple and easily accessible coat hangers nailed to the wall.

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