15 Ways to EDM-ify Your Wardrobe

Rock out in awesome threads at the Candy Fair by revamping old clothes and crafting stylish and affordable accessories without breaking the bank!
by Melanie Santiago   |  Sep 13, 2014
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  1. DIY To Dye For Shorts
    Get your old bell bottomed pants a good chop by using your own shorts as template on where to cut and try out this pin's tie dye magic. Perfect-to-dance-in outfit!

  2. DIY Holographic Notice-Me Striped Tee
    Get noticed by your fave Candy Cutie in this holographic inspired tee. The key is finding the right fabric that you can lay on a simple white shirt, try ribbon section at the craft store on reuse an old dress from the thrift shop with similar fabric.

  3. DIY Neon-Tipped Dance Shoes
    Dance to the EDM beat with neon-tipped shoes! Use neon spray paint for best results. Plus, keep newspaper and tape handy for a mess-free project.

  4. DIY Cool Muscle Tee
    Give new life to big old graphic tees by following this one minute DIY to transform them into a modern muscle tee. Don't forget to wear a black inner tank for a cool vibe that still gives coverage!

  5. DIY Chic Camera Bag
    Bring your camera to the Candy Fair in chic luggage rather than the plain bags they come in. This clever pin shows you how to reuse your own bag outfitted with foams that still provide optimum support.

  6. DIY Crop Top
    Make an oversized shirt wearable again by cropping it to concert ready perfection! Cut out the collar and sleeves but be sure to leave out longer cloth in front to create a tie.

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  7. DIY Kimono Cover Up
    Take your pretty statement scarves and create a Coachella-inspired kimono cape that's easy to do. Simply sew the bottom edge to the sides of the scarves to create loose sleeves and you have cover up you can reuse post-concert!

  8. DIY Long Sleeve Crop Top
    If you're not into showing your arms, you can also give your long sleeve shirts some revamping by giving it a crop top makeover. Follow your fave crop top’s shape over the shirt to get that cut that's just right.

  9. DIY Twirl Worthy Circle Skirt
    Create your own circle skirt that's not too long or too short. Use fun printed fabric from old dresses or shirts and use this pin to guide you on how to make your very own affordable skirt that's worthy to twirl in all day at the Candy Fair!

  10. DIY Lace Lined Skirt
    This DIY can go two ways, either layer lace fabric on top of a ready made skirt of yours or line a lace skirt with neon or a bright print cloth underneath.

  11. DIY Kitty Ears Headband
    Channel a Taylor Swift vibe with cute cat ears! Better make than buy, this pin shows you how to create feline ears with the use of pipe cleaners and tulle, affordable but still chic!

  12. DIY Rhinestone Earring Cuff
    If you have time to spare, you can also try project with a clip on earring, a blank earring stud and a rhinestone bracelet or chain.  Measure the wire to the length of your ear, glue the end to an earring stud and attach the clip on top, then glue or wire your rhinestones in place!

  13. DIY Striped Denim
    If you prefer wearing jeans, try this striped denim look by upgrading plain white pants with black fabric paint and a rocker ‘tude!

  14. DIY Sequin Phrase Shirt
    Turn a plain shirt into a statement piece with what else, but sequins! This projects works well with a sequin trim so you can glue it on easily and not think about little pieces falling off. Put your fave Candy Cutie’s name or your fave band for some much loved support!

  15. DIY Cut Out Shirt
    Give a stylish cut to an old shirt by creating a geometric cut out pattern near the collar and sleeves. Experiment using interesting shapes but be sure that it still gives enough coverage!

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