15 Ways to Declutter Your Room

by Melanie Santiago   |  Jun 1, 2014
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If you're having trouble finding your way in your own room, or can't seem to locate where you last placed your sunnies, you are in need of an intervention! Check out 15 simple ways you can re-organize your room into order!

  1. Top Causes of Clutter
    Read through this pin to know why you just can't seem to get rid of your stuff. One example you might identify with are gifts that you don't really like or use but keep them anyway out of courtesy, or buying items in multiple quantities just in case you'll need it.

  2. Focus is the Name of the Game
    Decluttering can get exhausting depending on the pile of stuff you have lying around. Roll up your sleeves and stay focused or play your fave music to make the chore fun!

  3. Declutter Station
    Create a sorting tray near your door, take 4 crucial boxes to organize stuff into what you can keep, donate or sell, recycle or just throw away. Put some serious thought into what you'll be keeping and make sure that when you do, it won't end up in the trash pile or collect dust.

  4. Sunnies on Display
    Loose the bulky sunglass cases and display your frames with a simple hanger on the wall. Here's a good tip, trim down your pairs of sunnies by only keeping the ones that fill the hanger!

  5. Shoe Library
    Turn a mountain of shoes into a hill by creating practical storage that allows easy access. Choose from under the bed, hanging or over the door, these shoe storage ideas will help you maximize use and immediately check when some pairs have wear and tear.

  6. Achieve Chic  Jewelery Organizers
    Bring in multi-purpose items to your room that can double as organizers, take for example a decorative animal statue that you can use to stack your bracelets, an egg tray to sort your rings or a pretty frame to hang them all together!

  7. Conquer Your Closet
    Your wardrobe is one of the most sensitive and most in need of organization. Get more time to choose your clothes than to search by trying these tips on how to get started on your closet decluttering.

  8. 24 Ways to Use Simple Utensils for Makeup Organization
    Use simple items around the house like cutlery trays, glasses, jars, wine racks, and even desktop file organizers to sort and display your makeup, perfume, and hair products!

  9. Easy Stretch Binder for School Supplies
    Organize materials for school with this easy tutorial. Grab loomies or color bands and place them over your binder or notebook. Use the bands to store notes, pens, and other supplies.

  10. Washi Tape Storage Ideas
    Washiholics will enjoy this Pinterest find. Easily organize and access your washi tape by design, size or color with these simple DIY projects and never go back to baskets of messy washi tapes again!

  11. Gadget Station
    Create a gadget station in a space you always access using a multipurpose caddy, a simple pocket organizer for remotes and electronics and mesh cases for chargers.

  12. Invest in the Multipurpose
    Go for items that have multiple functions, a stain that can double for cheeks and lips to petroleum jelly. Also invest in stools that double as a hidden storage space, and you'll find less items in your room.

  13. Go Digital!
    In an age where you can download movies and songs, you can discard DVDs and CDs and invest in hard drives that can store all of them in one place!

  14. Hanging Book Display
    Books are a different case, if you still prefer hardbound books to digital versions, here's how you can display them without taking too much space. However, you will need some patience and some help on the handiwork.

  15. Don't just Declutter,De-Own
    Now that you’re on your journey to organizing your room, maintenance is key! The ultimate way is to spend less on more stuff and become content with what you have. Keep a minimalist attitude and you'll be able to keep your room neat and clean!

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