15 Ways to Declutter, Organize, and Decorate Your Room on a Rainy Day

by Melanie Santiago   |  Jun 3, 2017
Image: The CW
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  1. Downsize Your Wardrobe

We all have that struggle, facing our closet and holding onto rarely worn clothes with our just because and sentimental reasons. This video is worth the watch if you're set on freeing yourself from all the clutter and have all the time for it. 

  1. Drawer Organizer

Gather empty yoghurt cups and form it into your own divider. Place smaller essentials like accessories and makeup, or use it to organizer your underwear and socks.  The sturdy cups help keep the order in your drawer without disrupting other clothes.

  1. Tin Candles

Give life to old tins lying around in your home by using them as pretty candle holders, do a little project and melt old candles you've got. Now you can light a nice candle while locked in when it's pouring outside.

  1. String Lights

The gloomy weather is a perfect time to setup lights in your room and this pin has the most interesting ways to drape string lights.

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  1. Key Rack

A framed board with hooks is a simple and pretty way to organize and hang all your keys in one place. Isn't it time to sort through all of your keys?

  1. Origami Bowls

Fold your stress away by doing this easy origami tutorial to form a bowl you can store all your knick knacks in. Put it in a pretty flat lay so you can share a pic to all your friends.

  1. Under Bed Drawers

Upgrade plastic storage boxes by gluing wheels at the bottom; you’ll find it so much easier to pull out from under your bed.

  1. Hanging Pin Board

Cut a board in a circle or unique geometric shape, cover it in lovely fabric and you have a space you can pin your photos and quotes, definitely something to look forward to seeing during this wet season when your trapped inside.

  1. Printable Book Page Art

There are so many printables online to decorate your space, but there’s something homey and comforting about these oversized book pages to see hanging on your wall.

  1. Magnet Strip


A simple magnetic strip on a can or wall can be a game changer. Imagine how easy it is to store and find your essentials like tweezers and hairpins. Heck! You can attach a magnet strip to your makeup and put it there too.

  1. Bedside Caddy

If you're just as messy as me, you'll find all my phones and gadgets astray which can be a struggle finding in the morning. A fabric organizer could be the answer with pockets for every item you got. This pin has a sewing tutorial but you can get creative with your DIY.

  1. Hanging Desk Organizer

This wonderful organizer is totally up to you, personalize it specific to the items you have and make boxes and hooks, use it as a vanity area or a crafty storage space.

  1. Organizer Tray

This DIY is perfect for leftover chocolate boxes since you can create your own tray with dividers. It’s that kind of project that takes time and so appropriate for a staycation away from the rain.

  1. Confetti Tray


You could also go for something completely sparkly and transform a tray a plain tray into a kaleidoscope of confetti.

  1. Glass Jars

Don't underestimate a good jar to keep your desk in order and add a touch of class. Simply use pretty paper to wrap around the body using twine or ribbon.

What are your decluttering tricks? Share them with other Candy Girls who are spring cleaning below!

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