15 TV Shows We Miss

Rom-com, teenage life, witches, musical numbers and major feels.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Nov 14, 2015
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 1   Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Sabrina was one of the first teenage witches that showed us how to get through a normal life with boys, school and keeping her powers a secret. Check out this pin for reasons to watch it!

 2  Revenge

Emily Thorne's devious plans have shown us what a scorned woman can do, but let's not forget the rest of the characters that were equally deceitful with their secret plots that make the show a must-watch.

 3  Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie and her animated conscience is the best combination of comedy and wit you can get advice from about high school life. This pin shows why we love it!


This show has the best group of friends that will give you all the feels and laughter of adult life, are you a true fan of the show? Take this quiz to find out.

 5  Charmed

The TV show that screamed girl power in the form of three magical sisters when vanquishing demons were all the rage!


 6  Awkward

Jenna Hamilton struggles through school as she comes back after an accident that people mistake as a suicide attempt, can it get more awkward? I think she tops the cake, throw in some boys and bullies into the mix and you've got a must-watch series.

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 7  Gossip Girl

This show had us addicted with all the mayhem Gossip Girl and the crew of antagonists had stirred up in the lives of our fave upper east siders. Take a quiz to check if you're still obsessed.

 8  Carrie Diaries

You can't follow this show and not admire young Carrie Bradshaw's style, passion for writing and her determination to stay in the magazine world while balancing her personal life.   

 9  Glee

From singing along to "Don't Stop Believing" to dancing to mash-ups and bawling over the episode where Rachel sang her farewell to Finn. Glee griped our hearts for the better, check out what the former stars had to say about the show.


 10  Star Crossed

This show takes Romeo and Juliet to another level—or species rather. Set in the future where aliens inhabit the earth, a human girl named Emery and an Atrian boy named Roman fall in love, is there hope in their relationship?

 11  Smallville

Follow Clark Kent during his high school years while struggling with his superpowers, enemies and pre-Lois Lane, one of the best series that made the iconic superhero more relatable.  Here's a little treat, check out the pin for a list of well-known actors and singers that made a cameo.

 12  Jane by Design


If you're looking for a short and sweet series combining your love of fashion and the struggles of high school, this show is for you. Take a peek at their stylish outfits on set.

 13  As Told By Ginger

One of the best cartoon teen series released, follow Ginger and her besties as they tackle school, puberty and family from the pages of her diary.


 14  Victorious

Looking for a reason to watch this show? Imagine highschool life with a band of weird friends behind your back and a ton of daily mishaps.  Plus see Ariana Grande before her singer stardom days.

 15  How I Met Your Mother

Most of us have already binged watched this series and it will always be legendary. This pin talks about top moments from the show that brought on major feels.

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