15 Vlogs That Will Make You Travel the World Without Leaving Your Seat

Immerse yourself in different cultures and give yourself an experience of a lifetime.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Jul 22, 2017
Image: Joan Kim | youtube.com/joankeem
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  1. Paris

I'd say Paris is one of the most coveted travel spots in the world and for good reason; the iconic Eiffel Tower is the stuff romance stories are all about. Check out this video for other hidden gems in the beautiful city.

  1. Bali

When I think of Bali, it immediately associates with rest and relaxation. Imagine full body pampering, swimming and tropical delicacies. A heavenly getaway we all deserve.

  1. Japan, Tokyo

You have to take a trip to Japan! This neighboring country mixes old traditions with modern kawaii culture, you will adore. There are so many good spots to visit, try and focus on one like Tokyo without being overwhelmed.

  1. NYC

If you have a chance to visit New York, here are 50 simple ways to enjoy the bustling city and slow down despite its active exterior.

  1. Quebec

This stunning video will capture your soul. It highlights all the beautiful scenery in Quebec that calls you to get your backpack and head on out.

  1. Maldives

If you're a summer loving, beach hopping kind of gal, Maldives will definitely hit the spot. Its clear blue waters and serene vibe will leave you feeling like...well, like you don't want to leave at all!

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  1. Morocco

Your destination for unique textile finds, colorful and patterned sceneries and an overall amazing experience. Camel ride anyone? 

  1. London

Just a bit farther from Paris, you shouldn't miss a trip to London, another city famous for iconic sites like Big Ben and settings from your fave TV shows or movies. This video shows you how you can maximize your stay with 100 things to do.

  1. Korea, Seoul

Korea might be known as the mecca of makeup and skincare but there’s also a traditional side you should see, the temples, gardens and the costumes make Korea a unique place to visit, on top of their yummy street food.

  1. Bangkok

A foodie's haven where one can pig out on Bangkok's immense delicacies and specialties is a good enough reason to visit.

  1. Hong Kong

If you've been to HK several times before, it’s time to trek the city's hidden restaurants and cafes, you might just discover the next best thing.

  1. Austria

Another European country less travelled, Austria offers the beauty of mother nature with gardens and hillsides tucked here and there, it’s a relaxing retreat from all the traffic and the concrete scenery.

  1. Venice

Slow down and enjoy a romantic gondola ride which makes viewing the gorgeous city of Venice magical and dramatic in a way. Almost everywhere you go is worthy of an IG moment.

  1. New Orleans

A place alive with colorful, decorative homes and live band music in the streets, the people and food is another reason why New Orleans is part of this list.

  1. Taipei

Follow Kryz Uy as she goes to Taipei and shows us the good and the funny! Top places to check are the Night Market and Taipei 101.

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