15 To-Dos for the New Year

What you need on your list of resolutions.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Dec 31, 2016
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  1. Keep a Notebook

A notebook will serve as an outlet to jot down what's on your mind and help you reflect but as simple as that seems, it can be left untouched after some time. Start a daily entry to record your inspirations, dreams or special memories. This pin gives you 35 things to do with your notebook.

  1. Establish Goals

Sleeping more or eating healthier are resolutions you should still follow, but it's time to set long-term goals such as, what job you would like to get or putting up a small business. These bigger goals require more planning, look into this pin that takes you through the process.

  1. Love Yourself

We can be exposed to a lot of stress and negativity that we allow to happen. This year, stay on a positive mindset, give yourself time to breathe and be patient with yourself. Remember, you're still growing.

  1. Do Less & More


Do a list and divide it into a Less and More section where you can write down what bad habits and traits that you might be doing and it’s positive counterpart. Your 2017 is chance for a better you.

  1. Stop a Bad Habit

This informative read explains that our emotions are the source of our actions that can keep us motivated or lead us to overeat or overwork, and eventually cause you to form habits. This pin summarizes 3 steps you can do to understand and reassess a habit.

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  1. Start a Healthy Habit

Taking care of your body should be top priority and though there are so many good eats out there, we have to admit it’s not the best for us. Consider setting a health goal each month.

  1. Room Resolutions

The New Year is the perfect opportunity to focus and declutter your room because honestly, there’s a lot to throw away and you probably won’t regret it.

  1. Eliminate Stress

Being calm is easier said than done, do you know simple acts like little sleep or poor diet can make you more susceptible to stress? Here are 21 ways you can remove it from your life this 2017.  

  1. Reading Challenge

Begin the new year with a new book, it's time to brush up on your reading and finally get through your TBR list. This is a fun challenge to take on to keep you motivated to read a book.

  1. Money Challenge

Save more money when you know how much you'll earn. On a jar, label it P5 or P10, etc. and give yourself a number of days to save but the key is to place the total amount by the end of the period so you're always  aware of the end goal.

  1. Watch More Film

Instead of short videos online, commit to watching more movies and documentaries that have a wider breadth to learn from.

  1. Declutter Your Laptop

If you find your laptop freezing and loading takes forever, try these simple steps to clean out and organize your digital files, just like your room.

  1. Stop Buying Lunch

And by this we mean to stop relying on fast food. Put that money in healthy meals you can DIY and invest it in ingredients that are top in benefits.

  1. Learn to Say No

Don't feel bad about declining, don't make excuses and simply say no. When you stand firm on your decision you are able to prioritize what you really need.

  1. Start a Memory Jar

Begin 2017 with a good memory and end it with one as well, keep a jar and fill it with highlights that'll happen so by the 31st, you can reminisce all the good memories that made the year amazing.

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