15 Tips to Take Better Selfies

Tell your story through captivating self-portraits!
by Melanie Santiago   |  May 11, 2014
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More than just a pretty photo learn how to make use of your surroundings, lighting and your body to capture the best version of a memorable moment!

  1. The Basic 5
    From holding a camera to pposing different angles, this pin breaks down the intro of taking a selfie in 5 simple steps!

  2. The Great Outdoors
    If you love traveling or are fond of taking outdoor selfies, this pin will help you get tips of how to use a reflective surface and how to make sunlight and shade your new best friends!

  3. Jump Shots
    This may not be in the selfie category, but it’s one of the most fun poses to do with your besties, you can make it even better by following these steps to make your jump shots look higher and sharper!

  4. Selfie Techie
    After you have mastered the art of lighting and angles, you can have fun in using various selfie apps and controllers to make taking portraits easy and stylized!

  5. Nail Selfie
    What better way to appreciate a good mani than with a nail selfie. Show off you pretty digits sans the man like hands. Various tips like keeping your fingers straight, holding a prop or shooting upclose can be found in this pin.

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  6. Purposeful Selfie
    Nothing gets an unfollow than a spam of selfies on your page, avoid too many  that just focus on showing how pretty you are and try something your friends or followers might appreciate like trying out a new lippie or makeup product.

  7. Perfect Lashes
    The eyes are the window to the soul, in fact when looking at photos; people almost instantly look at the eyes of the subject. Tantalize with a set of perfectly curled and thick lashes to pair with your pretty brown or black eyes.

  8. Squinch, Teeg, and Smize
    Sometimes a smile isn’t enough, say more through your eyes and slight movement of other facial muscles, try it and it’ll make a huge difference! It’s not as easy as it seems though, so practice, practice, practice!

  9. Selfie Posing Tips
    We don’t always have a friend nearby to help take our photos for the perfect background or moment. Get tips from a photographer on how to get leaner or taller. Take it from the celeb selfies in this pin.

  10. Group Selfies
    Yes, the barkada shot is a must. Make the most out of the moment by following the tips in this pin, namely keeping the background relevant and everybody in check on when to do a wacky or formal shot.

  11. Professional Selfies
    Invest in professional photos that you can use in IDs or online work portfolios. They’ll add credibility to your whole resume and could mean a crucial choice between a career or a lost opportunity.

  12. 25 Quick Tips for a Sure Fire Selfie
    This pin will show you quick tips and tricks that range from what to do in case of a sudden photo op, how to make your eyes look brighter to the dos and don’ts of makeup.

  13. Selfie Perfect Skin
    We know there’s no such thing as perfect, but nothing is more visible in photos than your skin. Keep it even by investing in the correct shade of foundation or cream and concealer!

  14. Posing with your Hands
    Ever feel awkward with your free hand or not quite sure how or where to place it? Check out this pin which will show you how to use your hands to help you get better selfies!

  15. Selfie Summary
    Did you get all 14 tips down? Keep this pin handy for the important selfie tips you need to remember to take the most memorable photograph!

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