15 Tips and Recipes to Help You Be a Smart Snacker

You can totally be healthy about snacking!
by Melanie Santiago   |  Jun 20, 2015
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 1  26Food Swaps

Take note of the usual snack culprits in this list and swap them for a healthier alternative.

 2  100 Calorie Snacks

Go light! Next time you're in the mood for food, you can use this list as reference for sweet and savory picks under 100 calories.

 3  Nut Chart

Think twice before you put a handful of trail mix to your mouth, this chart shows you what an ideal 200-calorie worth of nuts looks like.

 4  Pack Veggie Dips

Save yourself from buying fast food, instead pack healthy veggies like carrot and celery sticks in a mason jar along with some DIY dips for an on-the-go snack.

 5  Food Benefits

Remember, you are what you eat. Before popping that snack to your mouth, let this pin show you exactly what benefits you can get from snacking on these foods.

 6  Delicious Apple Cookies

Take the goodness of apple slices and turn them into an even more delici0us snack topped with peanut butter and nuts!


 7  Fruit Pizza

Enjoy a healthy pizza that's made of watermelon slices and your favorite fruits! Go Hawaiian and add pineapples on top.

 8  Strawberry Yoghurt Bark

For a light and refreshing treat, whip up a batch of frozen yoghurt sprinkled with slices of strawberry and broken into bark pieces. Best eaten with friends and family!

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 9  Cauliflower Poppers

This easy recipe is a great way to add veggies into your diet, using cauliflowers in some olive oil, salt and pepper, once baked they’re said to taste like French fries! Yum!

 10  Baked Parmesan Tomatoes

Combine the goodness of cheese and the refreshing taste of tomatoes in this delish recipe that’s fast and easy to do, enjoy!

 11  Fruit & Veggie Gummies

Change the way you eat your fruits and veggies and try them in gelatin cubes! A good source of collagen and protein, this pin shows what juices to mix for an on the go treat!


 12  Fruit Infused Water

Amp up your water game with these beautiful fruit infused H2O, this pin shows you the best fruit combinations for a tasty, refreshing drink!

 13  21 Ways to Eat Your Water

This pin shows you healthy sources of water, vitamins and minerals when you want a tastier alternative to a glass of water.

 14  A Day of Clean Eating

This pin shows us what a day of clean eating looks like, time to give up that fast food!

 15  Pre and Post-Workout Snacks

The snacks you eat before and after you workout play a big factor on how effective the results will be, try these nutritionist approved treats to prevent you binging on junk food.

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