15 Things that Perfectly Describe What Having a Crush is Like

When your crush sits next to you...
by Melanie Santiago   |  Oct 1, 2016
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  1. I still repeat the things you said in my head.

You rerun scenarios of even the simplest hellos and over-think what they could mean.

  1. When your crush doesn't come to school.

And you wasted a good outfit and eyeliner.

  1. When you hear your crush likes someone else.

*Poker face but cries inside.

  1. You'll always be my favorite "what if."

You make up scenarios of you together which are far from possible but you keep your fingers crossed anyway.

  1. Having a crush is like having a little piece of rock stuck in your shoe...

An accurate description of liking someone and not being able to stop it.

  1. When your crush looks at you.

You know intense staring can get you in trouble, but you do it anyway.

  1. I find pieces of you in every song that I listen to.

Every love song to be exact which makes you fall for your crush way more.

  1. How texting feels with my crush.

You even consult with your besties to check if you’re not overly clingy and what every period, comma or emoji of his can mean.

  1. Wishing your crush will like you back.

You take every chance of getting him to like you back.

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  1. When your crush likes your photo on Instagram.

And you feel like the prettiest princess even though you know you could've added a bit more makeup.

  1. When your crush sits next to you.

*Act normal, keep it cool...NOT!

  1. When your crush gets your name wrong.

Did he notice you? Yes, then it doesn't matter.

  1. Checking your phone every few minutes to see if your crush texts back.

It’s a waiting game you're willing to wait a hundred years for.

  1. What if he does?

Your emotions and logical thinking become a war inside you. If there's any logical thinking left.

  1. Perfect!

A simple "Hi" is all it takes for your feelings to come rushing back.

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