15 Sweetest Ways to Surprise Your Valentine

by Melanie Santiago   |  Feb 8, 2015
PHOTO Love from the Oven via Pinterest
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  1. Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips with Cream Cheese Dip
    Looking in to treat the whole family on Valentine's? These sweet heart shaped tortilla chips will be a sure hit with loads of cinnamon and cream cheese to pass around!

  2. Squeeze Bottle Pancake Art
    Treat your loved ones to a Valentine's pancake breakfast by customizing sweet messages or heart shapes with the use of squeeze bottle and pancake mix.

  3. Strawberry Nutella Stacked French Toast
    Start the morning with a sweet surprise, this heart shaped French toast with Nutella and banana cream cheese filling will surely make anyone feel extra special on Valentine’s (including you!).

  4. Hershey's Kisses Cookies
    DIY some Hershey's Kisses inspired cookies with a basic sugar cookie recipe, colored  icing and some sparkly sprinkles. Don’t forget to go the extra mile by adding the iconic Kisses tag.

  5. Hershey's Kisses Cupcake
    Alternatively, you can transform a ready-made cupcake by adding on buttercream frosting and dipping in chocolate. Store it in a piece of foil to copy the iconic Kisses look.

  6. Conversation Heart S'mores Pops
    Send your message across to a special someone by giving them Conversation Hearts in the form of S’mores Pops. Nobody can resist the goodness of marshmallow and chocolate spread! 

  7. Valentine's Popcorn
    Make a movie date more romantic with a special bowl of popcorn, coat it with white chocolate, sprinkles and even add some candy or conversation hearts to the mix.

  8. Strawberry Meringue Swirls
    Give a fluffy treat to friends and family with these sweet strawberry striped meringues using a neat trick and a pastry bag, click the pin to learn how.

  9. Cupid's Float
    Win over your crush by serving a cool sweet float with simple ingredients like vanilla ice cream, cherry cola and top it off with a red licorice stick. 

  10. Sweetheart Cupcake
    Create a heart shaped hole on top of your cupcake and pump sweet filling inside. Click the pin to learn how to create these pretty treats.

  11. Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches
    With a useful heart-shaped cookie cutter, you can create lovely ice cream sandwiches by molding ice cream and crackers in one tool.

  12. Cupid's Arrow Pretzel Sticks
    Instead of shooting Cupid’s arrow at the person you like, why not take a sweeter approach and make them these delicious gummy pretzel arrows.

  13. Strawberry Glazed Donuts
    Skip store bought donuts for something sweeter and handmade with love, these glazed ones with strawberry toppings also work well with ice cream.

  14. Valentine's Fruit Salad
    Opt for a healthier treat by playing around with heart shaped cookie cutters and colorful slices of fruit. Fill in the heart cavities with smaller fruit or dice up pieces to create a wonderful fruit salad.

  15. Easy Valentine's Wafers
    Perfect to give to your little siblings (or make with them), simply get a pack of wafers dipped into melted chocolate and sprinkle with your fave toppings!

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