15 Summer-Themed Decor To Make Your Room Feel Like the Beach

by Melanie Santiago   |  Apr 16, 2016
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  1. Tiered Shell Display
    Display your collection of shells in a tiered jewelry tray for a cute addition to your vanity table.

  2. Seashell Wall Art
    Or why not frame them on a wall? Play with textured backgrounds or canvas for a nautical feel.

  3. Beach Garland
    Create an eclectic summer garland and hang bits of shell and glass on rope with twine, best to hang over your bed or door.

  4. Seashell Door Hanger
    This heart-shaped seashell door hanger is easy and fun to do with your bffs. Get creative and add rhinestones, colored glass or glitter to the mix.

  5. Cactus Printable Banner
    If you've run out of shells from all the above DIYs, opt for this adorable cactus printable that you can turn into a garland for your room.

  6. DIY Watercolor Pillows
    Using regular cotton white pillow covers, mix a combination of fabric paint medium, paint and water to get a runny consistency to get that watercolor effect.

  7. Terrarium
    Hop on the Terrarium bandwagon and get yourself some succulents and layer the perfect recipe of soil, stones and fun ornaments. Get the directions from this pin.

  8. DIY Flameless Fire Pit
    Create a beach bonfire in your room sans the fire hazard. With medium sized rocks, pile them in a circle and place Christmas lights in the center, stack sticks on top and other décor to get that beach ambiance.

  9. Brightly Painted Mason Jars
    Adorn your room with fresh flowers in jars painted in summer colors. Use a nail file to gently scrape on the surface for that distressed, vintage effect.

  10. Sliced Watermelon Coasters
    Pair refreshing summer drinks with cute watermelon slices, made of cork that is. This DIY is as simple as painting on cork, follow the steps from this pin.

  11. Seashell Monogram Letter
    Personalize your monogram letter by sticking seashells on top. This would look great on top of your desk or closet.

  12. Donut Bulletin Board
    Display your summer vacay pics on these donut themed bulletin boards. It’s as simple as cutting and painting the donut on some cork board material. Enjoy!

  13. Hanging Wall Organizer
    Or hang snaps on this hand painted wall organizer inspired by mud cloth design.

  14. Speech Bubble Floor Mat
    Fill that empty space in front of your door with this cute mat DIY in the shape of a speech bubble. Make it more fun by spray painting in a bright color.

  15. Washi Tape Desk Clock
    Transform an old or cheap desk clock with washi tape, use fun and vibrant designs for that summer vibe.

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