15 Struggles Only Adventure Lovers Will Understand

Let's get lost and be like lost kids.
by Daryn Agapay   |  May 5, 2016
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This is it. You've been basically fantasizing about this moment ever since the first day you got irrevocably stuck on that modern-day torture device of a desk being forcefed information you're only going to regurgitate again later on. It's finally vacation! No, just kidding. But it's just around the corner and you can barely wait for it to show up already so you can finally accomplish your mile-long travel/adventure/adrenaline rush of a bucket list like a giddy travel junkie. Oh all the places you can go and sights you can see! Not to mention that amazing feeling of being finally free. But sadly, as much fun it is to be a person who's practically game for anything, being a true adventure lover does come with its own set of burdens and unavoidable setbacks. Here are 15 struggles only adventure lovers will understand.

  1. Constantly fantasizing about your next getaway.

    You've practically got each adventure planned out right down to the T—and oftentimes in the most inconvenient moments possible such as during class or when you're desperately trying to finish your schoolwork because it's due that day for your crazy professor and you completely forgot to do it over the weekend.

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  2. Planning your next adventure DURING that said getaway.

    Points for enthusiasm!

  3. Following way too many travel media accounts on Instagram...

    Hey, #travelgoals count for inspiration too!!!

  4. But seeing pics of people on an adventure makes you SO jealous (and attempt to one-up their vacay).

    It's a legitimate struggle.

  5. Being annoyed by people who'd rather take photos than actually experience the moment.

    Nothing angers you more than seeing an ocean of phone screens during something that should be experienced during the moment and not in a meaningless video nobody's ever going to watch anyway. "Hey, wanna see this fireworks show I took a video of during New Year's?" No? No. No. Nobody will ever want to watch that. Ever. Just don't.

  6. Being basically stuck to your desk all day is your WORST nightmare.

    Fantasizing about where you could be right now or what you could be doing but can't because you have to learn SOH-CAH-TOA just kills you inside.

  7. Or being told "no you can't go..."

    Oh no they didn't.

  8. Then again, rules never really mattered that much to you, anyway.

    You're still going!

  9. You've always been game to try the craziest food...

    Clotted pig's blood or roasted chicken entrails anyone?

  10. Or any crazy thing for that matter.

    Bungee jumping on a trampoline? How about bungee jumping off of a cliff instead?

  11. But you don't always have an equally adventurous buddy who's game for anything.


  12. So when you do find that buddy, it'll be friendship GOLD.

    You're basically now like Batman and Robin, Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy—yup congratulations! You have found your super rare equally adventurous bud for life. Who knows what type of trouble you could get into?

  13. You know this feeling all too well (I need an adrenaline rush).

    If wanderlust or the thirst for adventure was a drug, you'd 100% be high all the time.

  14. You can't wait to experience being free.

    Like being stuck to that horrendous excuse of a desk? Um, how about no? I'd rather be surrounded with palm trees or getting lost somewhere and finding myself along the way. Let’s get lost and be like lost kids shall we?

  15. You can't wait to dive into whatever is next.

    The beauty of being an adventurous person is that you're always game for anything—and who can blame you? Life is about taking risks and trying to figure out where you fit in in the world, right? Don't ever regret taking the risks you do. Not a lot of people have the guts to consistently sprint out of their comfort zone like you do. Bravo!

Where are you going on your next adventure?

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