15 Steps to a Study-Friendly Desk

by Melanie Santiago   |  Jun 8, 2014
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Check out these 15 tips to help create a study-friendly area for you to get your As!

  1. Decide Where You Work Best
    Choose what kind of environment is most conducive for you. Some say the kitchen is great because it's not too quiet and provides quick access to snacks. Your room is also a good spot because it's the most convenient and perfect if you want a quiet space.

  2. Bright Lights!
    Park your desk in front or near a window to maximize natural light. A well-lit area is perfect for studying because it wakes you up and you can read your notes more clearly.

  3. Study Throne
    Choose a chair that's comfy, sturdy and has good back support, try to avoid swivel types because there's a high chance that you’ll end up playing around and distract you from your task.

  4. Color Psychology
    Choose a desk or space in a color that will provide energy and tranquillity when you study. This Pinterest find will help you understand the different effects each color will bring to help you pick out the hue that will best yield results from you.

  5. Organize Your Study Essentials
    Create quick access to your study tools like highlighters, pen and tape by creating inexpensive organizers. You keep the flow going and you can easily put them back in place.

  6. Savory Scents
    Add a relaxing scent to your study desk by having some potpourri nearby; you can make one yourself with dried flowers or fruits! The best part is that it’s safe and helps you study better!

  7. Keep Healthy Snacks Around
    Throw the junk food away! Here's a guide on the perfect healthy snacks for day-to-day studies or notorious all-nighters. Stay focused and energized with sugar free drinks and fresh fruit drinks!

  8. Create a Neat Charging Station
    Today, gadgets like laptops, iPads, smartphones and more have become efficient study tools. Maximize their use by creating a simple charging station using a shoe or cardboard box where you can organize chords into specific holes.

  9. Study Board Tracker
    Keep track of your increasingly busy school and social life with a study board. Use a corkboard or even simple clip boards to post upcoming exams, group projects and even your goals! Also add encouraging quotes to help you remain positive!

  10. Create Kawaii School Supplies
    Get motivation by using cute school supplies. Instead of buying, use washi tape to give your stuff a makeover. This will show you different ways to spruce up your keyboard, mouse pad, notebooks and turn a recycled mason jar into a festive pen holder!

  11. Keep a Waste Bin Near by
    Keep the study flow going by making sure your desk has all the essentials, including a handy waste bin! You don't need to cross the room just to toss a piece of paper, a simple wire or plastic bin will do as long as it gets the job done. Prettify using colourful pipe cleaners or spray paint with your fave color.

  12. Musical Musings
    If you're the type that likes to keep ambient music or listen to pop songs while studying, an inexpensive speaker might just help make studying more fun! Use a recycled cardboard toilet paper roll and some bulldog clips as a stand, cut out a snug space where you phone can sit and you’re done!

  13. Binder Cover
    Think twice before buying a new binder, your old one can still help you keep track of your notes. Spruce it up by covering it with wrapping paper or decorative cloth. This pin shows you the best way to do it.

  14. To-Do Lists
    Are you like us and love to jot down your to-dos? Writing things down and seeing it constantly in your notebook or wall will push you to finish your task, especially because you enjoy scratching it off your list.

  15. Desk Inspiration
    The most important thing to know when achieving a study-friendly desk is that you have personalized it so you visually and physically enjoy being in that space. Try this board for inspiration on what your study space should look.

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