15 Steps for a Minimalist Lifestyle

by Melanie Santiago   |  Mar 4, 2017
Image: Unsplash
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  1. Understand Minimalism

Open your mind to the idea of eliminating excess and embracing the concept of enough. This short read gives a simple idea what Minimalism is all about.

  1. The Benefits of a Minimalist Lifestyle

The benefits are more internal than you think; this minimalist list is a great overview of what you can expect to take effect once you adapt this lifestyle.

  1. Toss

The biggest and probably the hardest step is to declutter down to the essentials! Here’s a checklist of what you need to be ruthless on and throw away asap.

  1. Ask Why Before You Buy

We’re constantly surrounded by ads that tell us our lives will be better when we buy these items, don’t get trapped! Ask these meaningful questions before you make a purchase.

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  1. Digital Minimalism

With our phones constantly in our hands, we’re pretty much online 24/7; it only makes sense that we apply the questions we ask about adapting a minimalist lifestyle, digitally as outlines in this article.

  1. Inspiring TED Talks on Minimalism

Let’s make it clear, adopting a Minimalist lifestyle takes a lot of work, physically and mentally. When you’re losing focus or about to give up, indulge yourself to these TED talks to keep you back on track.

  1. Minimalist YouTubers

Turn your digital life around by filling it with inspiring content, these YouTubers offer a visual process on how their lifestyle works and what wonders it can do for you. Check it out!

  1. Minimalist Blogs

Surround yourself with inspiration and familiarize yourself on the hows and whys with free online resources from these bloggers practicing minimalism.

  1. Simple Wardrobe Workbook

Accomplish a capsule wardrobe with a few reusable pieces mixed and matched to produce a number of outfits. But before you do that, let’s take care of that closet we all claim we have nothing to wear anymore with the help of this guide.

  1. Room Decor


A few key pieces is the center of minimalist décor, keeping only practical, necessary and simple pieces that produce an easy to clean room, void of distractions, like the style inspo from these compact apartments.

  1. 30-Day Minimalist Challenge

We can practice minimalism in many ways, take this challenge for instance that offers simple ways to do just that (it’s harder than it seems!) and we guarantee a better you after 1 month!

  1. Adopt a Minimalist Bullet Journal

There are a lot of beautiful journals, planners and all sorts of stationery and crafts that can contradict the idea of a minimalist look. Remember to keep it simple and focus on the purpose of your journal, you’d be surprised how good it looks!

  1. Minimalist Skin Care Routine

We know the 10-step Korean beauty routine is on trend, but putting a lot of products on your skin might do you worse. So minimize down to a few basics and understand what you’re really putting on your face.

  1. Beauty Minimalist


How many lippies that are in almost the same shade have you got? And although every shade lighter or darker can make a difference, do you really need all 5? This step-by-step article will help re-evaluate and purge your growing makeup collection down to the essentials.

  1. A Reminder

If you always remind yourself of this statement, you’ll be able to maintain a minimalist lifestyle.

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