15 Relaxing and Pampering Activities You Deserve

by Melanie Santiago   |  Sep 26, 2015
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 1  At Home Hair Masks
Falling hair? Dry, brittle texture? Stress can be a big factor in these symptoms, give your mane some TLC with these DIY masks that target specific hair types.

 2  Decadent Chocolate Face Mask
Release your endorphins and get happy skin using this chocolate facial with ingredients you might already have in the kitchen.

 3  DIY Skin-Clearing Refreshing Face Mist
This skin-clearing face mist combined with tea tree oil and peppermint tea is handy to have in your bag for a quick refreshing spritz on a hot day.

 4  Smooth and Supple DIY Lip Scrub
Matte lips are all the rage right now but be sure to moisturize and exfoliate your pucker to avoid unsightly dry and chapped lips.

 5  DIY Eye Cooling Pads
This cucumber and basil combo will work wonders for those bags under your eyes! Perfect for those all-nighters where you need to go to work or school the next day.

 6  Vanilla Rose Body Scrub
Make the most out of your bath time and apply this fragrant and natural DIY body scrub for smooth and glowing skin.

 7  DIY Salon Manicure
Professionally done nails are nice but they can also get pretty expensive, try his DIY solution with 8 steps to achieve a salon grade mani.

 8  DIY Calming Room Spray
Let your room be a place of calm and peace, take your favorite essential oils and combine them to make a room spray. This pin shows a balanced recipe.

 9  Calming Yoga Sequence
This simple yoga how-to is specifically designed to calm your mind and body for a relaxed disposition. Best to do before going to sleep so you rest better without the stress.


 10  Healthy Snack: Chicken Lettuce Wrap
Give your body a break from all the fast food and whip up this savory lettuce wrap, plus bacon bits! Okay, a little doesn't hurt!

 11  Healthy Drink: Peach Yogurt Smoothie
Pair that snack with this refreshing Peach smoothie, to get the most of your no fast food vacay.

 12  Free Printable: Adult Coloring Pages
Squeeze in a creative coloring session with these free downloadable adult coloring pages!

 13  DIY Calming Jar
Perfect for when you need a few moments away from social media, school, work or your surroundings, this calming jar a.k.a glitter snowglobe in a bottle will be your new bestie!

 14  Lime and Mint Foot Soak
After a day of walking in flats, sneakers or worse, heels! Your feet are in a need of major break, soak them in this DIY foot soak for a well-deserved rest.

 15  DIY Dreamcatcher
Lastly, how about a little crafting to keep you in creative balance with your busy sched, this pin shows a step-by-step on how to create your own dreamcatcher.

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