15 Rad Quotes to Live By this Month

by Melanie Santiago   |  Sep 7, 2014
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  1. Shake it Off
    Bring that "I am awesome" attitude wherever you go. T-Swift's new song, "Shake It Off" will amp up your confidence and make you want to dance!

  2. Rise & Shine
    Get a cup of morning sunshine, rise and shine, and celebrate a new day!

  3. There are so Many Beautiful Reasons to Be Happy
    Invest in a list of things that make you happy and be sure to keep it handy when you're feeling down. Write down the tiniest things that make you smile, moments, conversations, and even episodes of your fave series!

  4. Always Wear Your Invisible Crown
    Don your bejewelled crown and always remember you're a Candy Girl. Enough said!

  5. Don't Ruin a Good Today Because of a Bad Yesterday
    Can't get over what happened yesterday or worse, last week? Don't let it suck the joy out the blessings you received today.

  6. Hey Little Fighter, Soon Things will be Brighter
    Don't give up! Whatever battle you're up against, stay strong, and remember that things will pass. You'll be able to get through it.

  7. Keep Your Head Up
    Sometimes a colorful print is all you need to cheer you up instantly. Check this cute pin out.

  8. Ahhh... I Just Realized Something, I Don't Care
    Overthinking a bad comment or an opinion that's just downright mean? Get a hold of yourself and realize they don't really matter. Great tip, blast away a bad thought with a good song!

  9. Let's Go on an Adventure
    Now we all want to go to the Candy Fair, but in the meantime, try to visit our local art museums, a new province or the library and take your mind on an adventure.

  10. I Refuse to Sink
    Don't accept mistakes and bumps in the road as failures, use them to your advantage and learn how to improve and sharpen your skills.

  11. Make Time for Yourself
    A little downtime never hurt nobody, whether it's just chilling out to music, reading a good book, or going for a run, you need to make time for yourself and keep yourself grounded from all the stress or problems.

  12. I'm Not Beautiful Like You, I'm Beautiful Like Me
    Be your own brand of beautiful! Nobody looks exactly like you (even twins still have differences) and emphasize what makes you unique!

  13. Be Bold or Italic, Never Regular
    Stand out from the sea of followers and set your own trend. Celebrate being different!

  14. If You're Feeling Rad, Don't Let Anyone Turn the R into an S
    Be a ball of positivity! Feel rad all the way and keep your defences up from any sad thought or negative people.

  15. Find Beauty in Rain
    Make the rain your friend in the coming months; try to find the peace and joy from it, think longer moments to chat with friends, cool breeze, fluffy sweaters, and hot soup!

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