15 Quotes To Get You Through Your Last Month Of High School

by Melanie Santiago   |  Mar 2, 2014
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Congratulations! You've almost made it through your last term, only one more month to go before you finally graduate to a wiser, better you! So don’t let your final exams, projects and all the stress inducing requirements hold you back, and be sure to check out these motivational quotes to cheer you on!

  1. FOCUS
    Get in the right mindset! Be sure to identify  what you need to do in a specific time period and try to place yourself in an environment free from distractions (yup, gadgets and even people included!).

  2. Wisdom is Power
    Take it from freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela, who inspired projects to help support education and literacy in Africa. Relish your days of learning, and arm yourself with the best tool: education!

  3. One Day at a Time
    Don't stress yourself out and overwhelm your mind with "what ifs." Take it in one day at a time and set daily goals to help you achieve all the requirements for your last month in school.

  4. Relax!
    Don't forget to breathe deep, even if it's "hell week" (or month, for that matter). Be sure to mentally pin this quote the next time your stressing out.

  5. Life is a Bicycle Ride
    Keep moving! Don't stop when you hit a problem or get road blocked by mistakes, learn from them and get back on track!

  6. A Positive Perspective
    School's almost over and it means new opportunities to expand your horizon and express your talents. Keep positive and you will be lead to positive things!

  7. On Repeat
    Just a little summary to remember, look at the brighter side of life, make moments memorable and hope for tomorrow. Keep this in mind and your last month will be the best ever!

  8. Yes You Can!
    School is not just about getting by, but giving it your all every day! Strive to amp up your grades and get extra credit to make the last days of school count!

  9. Worth It!
    Your investment in the quality of your output is one way to secure your future job. It might mean sleepless nights, extra hours doing research, or extra-curricular activities, but it will all be worth it in the end.

  10. You are Strong
    The road to where you're standing right now has not been easy and there might even be more challenges up for you in the long run. Always remember that you are a strong spirit! How else do you figure you've been able to do so many things?

  11. That Feeling of Getting Things Done
    One of the best feelings in the world is when you finally check that to-do in your list. Finally passing your paper, or acing an exam, these make graduating the biggest win ever!

  12. It's Possible!
    Lay out all the challenges and things you've overcome this school year. Keep this list near to remind you of the amazing things you were able to achieve and never lose hope even if things look really bad.

  13. Take Risks
    Be open-minded in your future decisions, will you be taking up a new course? Seeking out a job? Trying out at an event or workshop? If your options scare you, then it might actually be good to try!

  14. Collection of Inspiration
    Read through this collection of life changing quotes and ponder them in relation to your situation, keep the ones that make the biggest impression and hopefully push you outside your comfort zone.

  15. Inspiration Wall
    This is a great practice, gather all the inspiring quotes that you love, write them on simple sticky notes and place them on a wall or on your binder to help constantly motivate you while you study.  

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