15 Quotes About Music

Check out 15 musical words of wisdom that perfectly sums up how much music affects us and its importance in our lives!
by Melanie Santiago   |  Jul 13, 2014
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  1. Medicine Heals the Body, Music Heals the Soul
    Feeling down in the dumps lately? Nothing lifts up the soul than your playlist of positive tunes and all time fave beats. Focus on the song and lyrics and just relax!

  2. Replay Happy Moments
    Play the moments, pause the memories, stop the pain and replay the happiness. But a song can help you relive each one! 

  3. I Perform
    There are just some songs that you don't just simply sing to! Be careful in the shower though and try not to slip!

  4. All the Small Things-Blink182
    Musical blasts from the past bring about spontaneous group karaoke with friends so don't delete those songs from '90s just yet!

  5. That Song That Can Explain Exactly
    When a mountain of feels avalanche on you and plain vocab just can’t do justice to explaining what it is, find a song that can.

  6. Music>Most People
    Admit it; you know more songs than you know people! But there are new songs you discover with each new person you meet, so let the two harmonize and let music bring you together.

  7. Can You Feel the Music?
    There are songs you come across that's so powerful you feel it, makes you more confident, bring forth passion or even make you feel alive!

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  8. Music Always Has-Taylor Swift
    People might let you down and might not always be there for you but for singers like Taylor and music lovers alike, take comfort in the fact that music will never let you down. Nor will T-Swift’s songs!

  9. It's Better to Carry a Tune than a Grudge
    If you found that someone at work or school was giving you a hard time, answer back with a cheery tune! And don't let it ruin your beautiful day.

  10. One Song Can Change Everything
    One moment can turn from drab to unforgettable with an all-time favorite song, or a rocking new  tune, so remember to play and listen to a song more  

  11. Some People are like Music
    Be wary of people, some are like music and speak the truth and are great to keep but some are like noise, so be sure to listen and distinguish which is which.

  12. Wash Away the Routine
    After a long day at school or work, dust off the stress and worry of every day with a pop of music! Liven the commute back home and everything in between with lively beats.

  13. Without Music, Life Would be a Mistake
    Imagine your fave artists, songs, wonderful musicals, movie soundtracks, gone! Amazing moments in your life and celebrations would just be blah without a theme song playing in the background. Music has evolved into a necessity in life and will continue to be so long as our artists continue to create.

  14. Feel Alive
    Songs that add spice to every day, and would look great on your wall. Try "Alive" by Empire of the Sun.

  15. This Girl is On Fire
    Songs that make you feel like you can take on the world, try a dash of Alicia Keys for some empowering tunes!

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