15 Pretty Embarrassing Moments

In the pursuit to beautify, the unexpected occurs and instead, horrifies.
  |  Aug 13, 2010
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  1. Brou-haha
    I was running late for my English class because I didn’t wake up on time. We had a group project to submit that day and since ours wasn’t finished yet, I tried working on it in the car. I didn’t really care much about how I looked—I didn’t even brush my short hair! When I entered the classroom, my block mate took one good look at me and said, “Whoa, your hair looks like a bird’s nest!” —Marie, 18
  2. True Colors
    I never knew I was using face powder that was much lighter than my skin tone. My friends never commented on the way I looked, so I thought it was okay. I attended a popular friend’s party where a lot of pictures were  taken. When I finally saw the pictures, I saw what my friends couldn’t bear to tell me: I was so white, I looked like a polvoron! —Mich, 18
  3. Hair Scarce
    When I was in high school, I didn’t like spending money on haircuts. At that time, I had long hair which my ninang gladly offered to trim. I guess she wasn’t an expert because my hair ended up looking too short and uneven! I was forced to wear a thick headband until it grew longer. —Jackie, 18
  4. Patch It Up
    I used to have thick eyebrows that were all over the place. Last year, I shaved them for the first time. I did it right before meeting up with my boyfriend. While I was shaving, I totally forgot about the mole buried underneath my right eyebrow. I shaved it off and it bled! I met my boyfriend with this ridiculous band-aid over my eyebrow! —Roxy, 15
  5. Clashing Colors
    I was in such a hurry to get to my class that I barely had time to check the mirror before stepping into the room. While trying to sneak my way to the front row, my teacher noticed me and said aloud, “Trina, you’re late and a bit colorful today.” I couldn’t understand why he said that until I saw my reflection in the mirror. My left eye shadow was blue and the right eye shadow was pink! —Trina, 17
  6. What Lies Beneath
    My complexion is anything but fair. A few years ago, I applied a whitening lotion on different areas of my body, including my face. In a month’s time, I was whiter! So I got excited and continued applying lotion all over my face, except for the area around the eyes and lips. But I didn’t distribute the lotion evenly across my face... I looked like I had  a permanent beige mask over mybrown-toned face! —Marjo, 20
  7. Disappear and Reappear
    I have a friend who has noticeable facial hair above her lips. My friends and I wanted to make her look stunning for a soireé, so a day before the party, we bought a box of facial hair remover. She was really eager to use it! She applied a strip over her lips but left it longer than what was required. Later on, the strip seemed to be stuck! When she finally got to remove it, the area above her lips had turned red and sore. She was so mad at us—she attended the interaction looking like she had a red moustache! —Ila, 19
  8. Zit Symmetry
    During my high school days, I’d have pimples occasionally. Even if they weren’t a whole lot, they were super obvious! On the day of my dance recital, I had two big zits that appeared right smack in the middle of both cheeks! It looked so funny. To top it all off, I had to dance center stage for the performance! —Annie, 19

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