15 Pretty Embarrassing Moments

In the pursuit to beautify, the unexpected occurs and instead, horrifies.
  |  Aug 13, 2010
compiled by Denise Roco * photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures (Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging)
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  1. Drunken Disaster
    The night before the prom, my girlfriend and I went to a friend’s party.  I had a lot to drink, but I remember nonchalantly asking her why girls pluck their eyebrows. She said that plucked eyebrows looked neater, shapelier, and more attractive. Later, I went to the bathroom and stared at my reflection. I wondered if I’d look more attractive with shaved eyebrows. Under the bad influence of alcohol, I picked up a razor in the bathroom and shaved both my eyebrows! Needless to say, I went to the prom wearing thick dark shades. —Inigo, 18

  2. Black And Blue
    I was excited to experiment with the new shades of eye shadow I had just purchased. But because I was in a hurry to get to school, I mixed the black and blue hues and expertly brushed them over my eyelids without looking in the mirror. I was pretty confident that the shades would match! While walking along the corridors, a friend approached me and asked, “Hey, did you put charcoal on your eyes?” After hearing that, I raced to the nearest bathroom! —Gely, 23
  3. Beauty or the Beast
    I had a pimple outbreak two days before my  date with my boyfriend. But I decided to see a dermatologist just an hour before our big date. Wrong move! When I met my boy, my face was horribly red and puffy! —Paula, 18
  4. Shaving Mousse
    When my family and I visited Holland last year,  we didn’t bring all our grooming accessories—we ended up borrowing each other’s things. Once, when I got back to the hotel, my mom was complaining. She said that my hair mousse was ineffective. I told her that I didn’t have any hair mousse! So she showed me what she used on her hair. The label was written in Dutch so she couldn’t understand it. Guess what? She mistakenly put my shaving cream all over her hair! —Netskie, 18
  5. Scent of a Wo-Man
    After buying a bottle of perfume, the saleslady gave me extra perfume freebies in small vials. I used the freebies first since they were handy. In school, I’d spray a little bit of perfume every now and then. After a while, I noticed that the fragrance didn’t exactly match the one I had bought. It smelled a bit odd. The small perfume looked exactly like the one I bought—except that it was for men! —Regina, 20
  6. Blast From The Past
    My organization held inter-school socials. During one of the socials, I wanted to look extra special so I attempted to apply makeup. Since it’s something I was never really good at, I asked my artistic guy friend to do it for me. Minutes before the socials began, I checked my reflection in the mirror. Gasp! I looked like a horrible caricature from the ‘80s! He had placed too much face powder, applied dark fuschia blush on my cheeks, and put screaming violet eye shadow on my lids! We fought about my awful makeup for an hour. —Karyna, 16
  7. Wow Eyebrow
    My friends insisted I start grooming my eyebrows. They claimed it was so “sabog.” Before going to the Ateneo fair, I decided to take some action. I got a razor and shaved the stray eyebrow hairs away. Everything was going well until... I accidentally shaved an area of the middle part of my left eyebrow! —Joanna, 15

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