15 #OOTDs That Are Totally Travel-Friendly

by Melanie Santiago   |  May 9, 2015
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 1  DIY Infinity Scarf

Get warm and stylish in an infinity scarf, you can use it as a lap blanket on the plane and can style it several ways to suit your taste. Click the pin to learn how to make your own!

 2   Leggings

Go for leggings instead of jeans for a comfier alternative. Layer it under dresses, long shirts, shorts; it’s really up to you. Click the board for some beautifully printed pairs.

 3  Wardrobe Color Scheme

Before packing, pick out a color scheme that your whole wardrobe will revolve on so it will be easier to mix and match. Check out this pin for a summer trip reference.

 4  Cardigans

You might also want to wear a cardigan or jacket with deep pockets that you can store your passport, wallet and phone in so you don’t struggle looking for it in your bag each time.

 5  Three Pair Shoe Guide

Follow this rule and pack only a maximum of 3 shoes on your trip wearing the heaviest on the plane or in transit. Check the pin on what types of shoes best suit the type of trip you’ll have.

 6  Travel Style Guide: Lauren Conrad

Check out Lauren’s do’s and don’ts for a successful travel outfit!

 7  Travel Inspiration for the Girl on the Go  

Whether your style is preppy, edgy or t-shirt loving kind of gal, this pin shows you different stylish airport looks that will suit you.

 8  Parisian Chic

Traverse into the world of classic French fashion by investing in key pieces like a striped shirt, well-fitting jeans and ballet flats which you can easily reuse and mix into your wardrobe!


 9  13 Pieces, 30 Outfits

Imagine going on a month-long trip that would need several looks, instead of packing your whole closet; invest in versatile pieces similar to this pin to create different outfits with less!

 10  Accessories!

Level up your outfit from being meh to amazing with stackable bangles, rings and necklaces. But do opt for plastic, fabric and metal looking pieces that won’t set off airport security detectors.

 11  Sunnies

Do not leave home without a pair of sunglasses! Slap on some sunnies to add an air of mystery and glam to give off a polished look. Plus, protect your eyes from the strong rays of the sun.

 12  Colored Bottoms

If you’re a jeans kind of girl or expecting to travel in cold weather, pack bottoms in multiple colors to increase your outfit options.

 13  Printed Skirt

Go for skirts or dresses in nice prints that would turn up less wrinkles and stains when you’re sitting or eating.

 14  Beanies   

Pack a soft statement beanie that you can use to shield your bedhead, it can also act as an eye mask when want to catch some sleep on the plane.

 15  Outfit Inspiration Flat Lays

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Get your airport outfit on point by getting inspiration from this site that features well styled looks in tasteful flat lays from Instagram.

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