15 New Hobbies To Try This Year

Make the most out of your 2015 by finding a hobby that helps cultivate your talent, interest, or passion and turning it into a worthwhile activity.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Dec 28, 2014
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  1. Stamp Carving
    It’s easier than you think, with just an eraser and a craft knife, you can create a variety of designs or words you can use to decorate plain paper, canvas bags and even clothes.

  2. Watercolor Art
    Let your creative spirit shine through, this pin shows you 12 ways you can achieve ethereal and beautiful watercolor arts you can use as a stepping stone to a serious hobby.

  3. Blogging
    Channel your creative writing skills and a subject you are passionate about in a blog. Put your craft online and let others relish in your work, this pin will show you tons of tips on how to start your blog from the About Page down to the design.

  4. DIY Accessories
    Have a knack for DIY projects? Busy yourself this year by recreating stylish arm candy and other accessories, you can also sell and earn some extra cash from.

  5. Stargazing
    The cosmos can be a great source of inspiration; find out what interesting constellations and stars to watch out for from this pin. Make it extra fun by inviting friends and family.

  6. Yoga
    Free your mind and body from stress and unwind with some good Yoga, be sure to arm yourself with these useful tips to help you ease into this practice.

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  7. Travel
    Grab your backpack, camera and passport to start your own adventures outside home. This pin shows 10 incredible places to visit for 2015.

  8. Learn a Foreign Language
    If you plan on working abroad or travelling in the future, it helps to learn the native tongue. There are plenty of resources online so you really don’t need to spend much to educate yourself. This pin alone is a quick link that teaches Nihongo or Japanese.

  9. Candle Making
    Instead of buying expensive scented candles, why not invest some time in making your own, not only are they handy during black outs but you can also gift or sell them!

  10. Photography for Beginners
    Whether you’re using a DSLR, a digital camera or your phone, it helps to learn your craft; this pin will guide you on how to take better photos in 5 tips.

  11. Journaling
    It pays to have an offline hobby, take the time to unwind from social media and jot down your thoughts, goals and dreams in a journal. Create your own personal notebook to help get your creative juices flowing.

  12. Start a Book Club
    Grab a group of bookworms and start your very own book club. Swap your fave titles and discover new ones in the process. Discuss characters and plots to make each book or novel even more memorable.

  13. Set Up a Pinterest Account
    Enter the wonderful world of Pinterest (if you don’t have one yet) and discover a treasure trove of pins from fashion, health and beauty to illustrations, quotes and home décor.

  14. Crocheting
    Create warm scarves, blankets, gloves to fashionable turbans, useful coasters and even cute dolls. There are so many possibilities with crocheting that you’ll find yourself absorbed and fulfilled.

  15. Useful Origami
    This fun activity involves cute paper and a lot of folding, make this activity worthwhile by sharing it with your younger sibs. Also find useful origami designs like boxes for gifts, bookmarks and cases.


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