15 Memes to Sum Up Summer

The struggles are very real.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Apr 8, 2017
Image: instagram.com/soccergrlprobs
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  1. Cliffhanger

When you've finally reached the last episode and you don't know what you’ll do for the rest of the summer...

  1. Travel Expectations

More like well-planned staycations.

  1. Swimsuits

Finding the right swimsuit is just so complicated; an oversized shirt will have to do.

  1. Swimsuits Part 2

Again, can you pass me the oversized shirt?

  1. Are you done?

Summer is the best time to sleep, eat, watch and repeat.

  1. Summer Cravings

When you have body goals but a food list at the same time.

  1. Hot

You wait for a good 5 minutes for the AC of your car to cool things down or risk getting roasted alive.

  1. More Heat

When the Philippine heat is on the rise.

  1. Ice Cream

Ice cream tastes 10x better this season!

  1. YouTube

And your arms are weak from watching everything on mobile from your bed.

  1. 5 Second Rule

You regret leaving the umbrella and fan at home, actually, you just regret why you left home at all.

  1. Hair Goals

The dreaded ponytail dent during the summer heat.

  1. Hair Ties

You hate using it but can't live without it either.

  1. Top Bun Expectations

It really is a mess.

  1. Sunglass Struggle

Your hair is constantly being attacked.

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