15 Life Tweaks To Try This Year

by Melanie Santiago   |  Jan 9, 2016
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  1. Own up to your mistakes.
    It's easy to put the blame on somebody else but nothing good ever comes out of it. Taking responsibility for your mistakes will teach you humility and wisdom to improve yourself.

  2. You can never be overeducated.
    It's never too late to learn something new! The Internet, school library, and even professionals in your family are a gateway of knowledge. You're only limited by your choices.

  3. Keep a journal.
    Writing down your ideas in a journal is a great way to review and sort them out. This site suggests 12 kinds of journals to keep—from an art journal to a dream journal and more.

  4. Be kinder.
    It's not an exaggeration to say that being kind makes the world a better place, you'd be surprised at how much little acts of kindness can brighten yours or someone else's day. This site offers a list of kind acts but we're sure you can think of more.

  5. Clean out your closet.
    Let's face it, you might have an overflowing wardrobe and still claim you have nothing to wear, it's probably your old clothes taking up space. This 4-pile tip on how to clean out your closet will help you cut down but a piece of advice: be ruthless.

  6. Go 24 hours without complaining.
    Catch yourself each time you'’re about to say something negative and you'll realize how life-changing it is to go a day without complaining.

  7. Detox your online life. 
    Being constantly online can affect your mental and physical health, here are simple ways to do a digital detox on each day of the week.

  8. Drink more water.
    Sounds simple enough but this to-do repeatedly finds its way on everybody's list. This pin shows creative ways on how to drink more H2O.

  9. Find a workout buddy.
    If you find yourself having a hard managing a solid workout regimen, partnering up with a friend will make it more fun and doable! Check out these partner routines to help you achieve your fitness goals.

  10. Create your own time capsule.
    This is great to do early this year, keep photos or mementos of fave moments with loved ones in a jar or box, open it on New Year's Eve, and cherish the memories together.

  11. Be kinder to the Earth.
    We only have one planet to live in and we all need to start pitching in to implement eco-friendly means, this list offers great ways

  12. Smile.
    "Smiles are free but they are worth a lot."

  13. Make your own packed lunch.
    Instead of buying fast food, DIY your meals with this pin that shows 18 different mason jar salad recipes that are super easy and healthy to make.

  14. Save money.
    Asses your spending habits, if you see a lot of money going out and not a lot coming in, you need to exercise utmost self-control, the tips from this site will greatly help you especially as a student.

  15. Guard your time fiercely.
    You'll thank yourself for taking the effort to be early in school and have more time to study or spend with friends, even if you have a lot of free time, be intentional about it and use it wisely.

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