15 Journals To Inspire You to Express Yourself in Your Daily Diary

by Melanie Santiago   |  Jul 18, 2015
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 1  Labelled
Write inspiring quotes on personalized labels by drawing wreaths of leaves, flowers or ribbons on cute stationery, stick it on using colorful washi tape.

 2  Visual Journey
Not too keen on writing? Record your experiences though art and turn your diary into a visual journal.

 3  Page of Fame
Dedicate a section of your journal to something or someone inspiring.

 4  Meticulous
This journal has a detailed account of object and experiences, an organized approach and a good definition of a well-kept journal.

 5  Hand-Lettering
Decorate the pages of your journal with stylized fonts, calligraphy, and doodles!

 6  Treasures
Store precious mementos such as pressed flowers, letters and other flat treasures in your journal.

 7  Pockets
Organize your journal by creating clear pockets decorated with washi tape.

 8  Mixed Medium
Don't limit your journal to sketches and writing, try using watercolor, or paste a collage of cutouts.

 9  Fruity
Design your own page by using colored markers to create a fruity pattern similar to this pin.


 10  Haruki Murakami
This Haruki Murakami inspired journal plays around with cut outs on the front cover, try this and make sure to draw or have something interesting peeking through!

 11  Sketch-A-Day
Use a journal's old calendar and draw on each square for each day of the month.

 12  Fashion Forward
Store all your OOTD inspiration in your journal and keep photos of outfits, cloth swatches and pantones to lift you up when you’re in a fashion rut.

 13  Envelopes
Create pretty envelopes on the inner front or back cover of your journal to store your decorative supplies in.

 14  Editorial
Get tips from how magazines layout their photos and text to give you a good guide in journaling.

 15  Travel Journal
It's perfect for globe-trotters to keep a journal handy, similar to this pin, sketch out your favorite spots and jot down sights, sounds and scents.

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