15 Inspiring Students Who Made A Difference

by Melanie Santiago   |  Jun 22, 2014
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Dig deep for a talent or hobby you are passionate about or uphold a personal message or a social issue you stand for. School is one of the best outlets where you can let it thrive!
  1. Dominic Co's Libroko.com
    Young Dominic designed Libroko.com which promotes better understanding of Filipino classics in a digital age. No wonder he won top prize at Microsoft's YouthSpark Challenge for Change, the digital forum is an answer for students taking up Rizal's famous novels. Don't you wish you had this?

  2. Alysa Yvette Par and Her "Baduy" Design Win Top Prize
    Architecture student, Alysa Yvette Par designed a world-class sustainable football stadium for the Philippines (FIFAWorld Cup here? Maybe soon!) that made use of the bayong, something we think of as baduy. But its characteristics proved to be a winning design that's eco-friendly, too!

  3. Oscar Fernandez and the Independent Wheelchair Assist (IWA)
    Oscar's grandfather had a hard time moving from a wheelchair to a motorized one this experience brought about the IWA, a practical and slick motor that can be easily attached to wheelchairs! Now his grandfather and other users can get better mileage without the hassle!

  4. Eesha Kare's Supercapacitor
    Student, Eesha Kare has created a nifty gizmo that can fully charge your gadgets in just 20-30 seconds! Her supercapacitor packs in a whole lot of energy which can be stored longer than your regular charger or power bank. She definitely adds a whole new possibility to the industry that we can't wait to see!

  5. Michael Anderson and His Music
    Michael had his thumb removed at the age of four but that didn't stop him from chasing his dream. With a left-handed guitar, he was able to play his favorite music, do gigs every month and even raise money for charity. He is proof that being handicapped is an obstacle if you only let it.

  6. Caitlin Shukwit and Her 2 Dance Internships
    Do you love dance or performing arts? Follow Caitlin Shukwit's lead, she took on two internships that help her observe professional dance companies and allow her to apply dance and choroegraphy in another.

  7. Zoe Kennedy, the Makeup Artist
    Believe in your passion and learn as much as possible, try a vocational course or a workshop. Zoe Kennedy has been recognized for her skills in makeup artistry and has even landed a campaign with Yves Saint Laurent!

  8. Matt Motrley, Alex Scott-Alden, Sam McShane and Nick Hass with the "TheTickBox"
    Business students from Exeter University created an app called the TickBox that aims to connect the youth with upcoming elections by spreading awareness about political candidates. Wouldn't this app be popular in our country?

  9. Oli Graham and Overtime Online
    Student sports journalist, Oli Graham and his team had the opportunity to publish a segment of their online news portal as part of Eastbourne Herald, their country's local daily. Are you psyched to be part of any student publications? It's a handful but don’t give up! It might lead you to go pro!

  10. Sadhbh Sullivan and My Little Big Adventure
    Sadhbh and her team at Beara Community School came up with a simple way you can make story-telling with your siblings so much more fun, a picture book with no words help younger kids develop their own storyline and express their imagination. It allows readers to become part a new story each time!

  11. Daniel Clark and Wesley Tippetts “Owned”
    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded gold to students, Daniel Clark and Wesley Tippetts for their short animation "Owned," a story about a pro gamer being beaten by a little kid! Did you know the team was awarded by the creators of Frozen? What an honor!

  12. Brinton Parker Beauty Blogger
    Brinton Parker's passion for beauty landed her a position as beauty blogger of the site Bustle. In this article, we commend her for her social experiment concerning how her peers react to her appearance with and without makeup; we think it's interesting and brave! Click to read the results!

  13. Elizabeth Engel, a Young Novelist in the Making
    Do you love writing short stories or novels? 17 year-old Elizabeth Engel's passion has won her several awards already this year and has even created her own literary feminist magazine with her friends The Riveter Review.

  14. Jo Start and Her Future as a Culinary Chef!
    Take chances on competitions and give it your all! Jo is cooking her way to the finals and whipping up some delectable dishes with olives. The experience itself is a prize to help fine tune your skills, and if you win, you can get scholarships or a career!

  15. Bethany Mota and her YouTube Empire
    Get to know your fave YouTube star and how she turned her struggle with cyber bullying into her YouTube and fashion inspiration. She has inspired teens all over the world, and hopefully this will inspire you to be brave and take on new chances from struggles of your own.

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