15 Inspiring Musicians

Check out 15 of the best movers and shakers in the music industry: their humble beginnings and their current stardom status.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Jul 27, 2014
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  1. Ariana Grande
    This month's cover girl isn’t just a sweet face, with vocal chords that can match Mariah Carey's, Ariana is just beginning to sweep the world's ears at a young age. Lesson to learn from this pint-sized siren, big talent goes unnoticed. So grab every opportunity to showcase your skills and improve yourself!

  2. Demi Lovato
    The X-Factor judge with a new self-titled album, Demi, plays a combination of deep ballads and powerful pop songs. Demi is a reflection of how the youth can harness their talent to spread powerful messages of strength and inspiration from personal struggles.

  3. Beyonce
    She goes by many names, Queen B, Mrs. Carter, or Sasha Fierce. Beyonce is a phenomenal woman that cuts through the music industry with the beat of her own drum. Google her life documentary, Life is But a Dream or Year of 4 to get to know more about the star.

  4. Taylor Swift
    This country singer with lyrics of heartbreak, falling in love, and having fun has got girls from all over the globe singing to tunes they can relate to. Taylor Swift has a lot of awards under her belt,, but the real inspiration is her fearless spirit! Click the pin to find out 10 things about T-Swift!

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  5. Jason Mraz
    This down-to-earth singer-songwriter has just released his latest album. And it's just further proof that his career and all the feel good songs you've sung to make him a great addition to the industry! The article in the pin reveals his origins and online fan base.

  6. Fifth Harmony
    This band of 5 unique yet harmonious voices have done popular covers on YouTube, which have reached millions of views and have even started to create their own singles. Girlfriends that share the same passion are sure to come out on top! It's girl powerx5!

  7. Katy Perry
    This California Girl's rise to fame was not an overnight stint. Take it from her documentary Katy Perry Part of Me 3D. It reveals what she had to go through as a teen, as a struggling artist getting signed, and a girl just like you fighting for the love of her life. It was not easy, but her chart-topping tunes keep coming.

  8. Lorde
    At such a young age, Lorde came bursting in the scene with her fresh sound and unforgettable lyrics and winning awards left and right. How and where did she start? Find out the major influences in her life by clicking the pin!

  9. fun.
    This band's music spans over pop, rock and hip-hop altogether, combined they provide an unexpected musical experience unique to their style. Lesson you can learn from them? Don't stick to categories or labels.

  10. Sia
    Have you ever seen Sia in music videos? Does it matter? Her voice and amazing talent for writing songs has launched her into one of the most sought after artists. She doesn't want the fame and she's in it for the genuine love of music.

  11. Haim
    This trio of sisters are the new cool kids on the block. They've opened for bands in concerts, but are now performing under their own name, Haim. They are an interesting group to watch, click through to read their backstory and each sister's personality!

  12. Ed Sheeran
    Ed Sheeran's songs are such lyrical wonders, you wonder where he gets his inspiration. His talent has earned him several Brit Awards and has even written songs for 1D, T-Swift, and more.

  13. Imagine Dragons
    This band came in like a wrecking ball with hits like, Radioactive and Demons. But did you know they started in Las Vegas doing gigs for casinos, birthdays, and weddings? This band claims two things shaped their success, not saying no to anything and Vegas luck!

  14. Bastille
    This indie rock band adds indie pop flavor to the music scene. Read through the link to discover their covers, the story behind their band name and little stories that make them an interesting group of lads.

  15. Avicii
    One of the youngest to take on the edm genre, he's really come out on top getting award nominations and even winning "Best Electronic" at the MTV VMAs. This pin reveals  his inspirations and what influenced his singles.


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