15 Helpful Travel Tips and Tricks

Lessen the hassle and worry and bring in the fun this summer!
by Melanie Santiago   |  Apr 27, 2014
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Before you set out for a great adventure, check out this list of useful and practical tips to help packing and traveling much much easier!

  1. Secret Chap Stick Case
    Having an extra stash of cash can come in handy for emergency situations, plus no pick pocketers would think of stealing your chapstick or lip balm. Just be sure to clean out the tube and especially don't forget that you've hidden money inside, as you can just as easily lose it. Be sure to store it in a secure pocket in your bag.

  2. Hair Straightener Holder
    Turn a simple potholder into an easy DIY case, fold in half and sew on the open side and at the bottom to create a pocket. Now you can store you ironing curler or hair straightener even when it's hot! You can also do it horizontally for a sunglass holder.

  3. Stack and Roll Packing Method
    Don't let wrinkled clothes ruin your perfectly planned summer outfits. Instead of the usual fold method, try stacking your shirts altogether and rolling them into a bundle!

  4. No More Spillage!
    Prevent your toiletries from spilling or the caps from popping due to intense pressure when flying. With some simple plastic wrap, cut a big enough size to place on top of the mouth of the bottle before screwing on the cap, the sheet will stop any liquid from coming out which means no waste!

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  5. Carry-On Essentials
    If you love traveling but hate being cramped in an airplane for long hours which leads to dry skin, take note to pack the essentials on this list to help make you feel as refreshed as possible when you touch down and your flight more comfortable!

  6. Clever Snaps for Your Cam or Phone
    Your phone's camera isn't just for taking selfies and Instagram-worthy places, you can also use it to snap subway maps, your hotel, and even your luggage. So when it gets lost, it's easier to show a photo than to describe a bag that sounds as similar with everyone else's! Check the list out for some helpful tips!

  7. Jet Lag Free Summer!
    Jet lag or flight fatigue can cause temporary ailments like nausea, dizziness, anxiety, and more. To help lessen the effect, be sure to follow the five simple steps on this pin for you to fully enjoy your summer destination!

  8. Never Lose a Pair of Earrings Again!
    One of the easiest accessories to have with you when travelling are cute stud earrings, but it's not so cute when half of the pair goes missing! Keep them in place by pinning them to a button to hold it in place!

  9. Makeup Travel Tip
    Instead of packing huge bottles and countless tubes of your makeup essentials, try keeping your luggage more compact if it's just a day or overnight trip by using a contact lens case. Squeeze a small or just enough amount of your eye cream, concealer or even your fave lippie in the case so you can bring it around without the hassle!

  10. Tic Tac Bobby Pin Dispenser
    Keep your bobby pins in place by reusing an empty Tic Tac case, you can simply shoot all your pins in or get them out without rummaging through your chaotic purse!

  11. Keep Necklaces Detangled!
    Use a plain, clean drinking straw as a knot preventer! Unclasp the necklace, thread it through the straw, re-clasp and say hello to tangle-free accessories!

  12. Matchbox Travel Kit
    Use an empty matchbox to store a simple sewing kit, buttons, and safety pins. You never know when a loose button emergency will happen, so be prepared! You can also reuse empty mint cans or lipbalm cases.

  13. Shower Cap Shoes for Dirt Free Luggage
    Don't underestimate the free shower cap in your hotel! Use it to store shoes or slippers so the next time you pack, it will prevent them from getting your clothes and luggage soiled.

  14. Cross Body Bag
    Make sure that your carry-on bag can double as your travel bag when you're sightseeing, or pack a comfy cross body bag that allows free movement in your arms. You don't want to be switching hands or consistently putting your bag down. What a bummer that would be!

  15. Packing Summer Essentials
    Bring out the fun this summer with your brightest and most colorful wardrobe! Study this visual checklist for the things you'll need at the beach like a pair of sunnies, a cotton dress, sandals, colorful hair ties, and more!

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