15 Habits That Promote Zero Waste

Simple ways you can lessen non-biodegradable trash in the landfill and save money, too!
by Melanie Santiago   |  Aug 19, 2017
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  1. Reusable Cotton Rounds

Cross off cotton pads from your grocery list. You can easily make a batch using cotton flannel that works just as well on toner or makeup remover! Spread these eco-friendly babies around and give them as gifts to fellow beauty lovers.

  1. No-Sew Tote Bag

Your cute old graphic tees can still make a comeback, transform it into an eco bag you can easily fold into your backpack. Say "no thanks" to paper or plastic bags on your next shopping spree.

  1. Second-hand Fashion

Think twice about fast fashion trends that are here one season and gone the next. Why not check out thrift stores for cool finds that you can DIY and layer? Imagine how much you'll save! Check out this thrift shop guide to help you find that piece de resistance.

  1. Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Next time you make a sandwich, store it in a DIY wrap that you can wash and get tons of use out of! Ziploc bags might be convenient but they contribute to non-biodegradable trash taking up space all over the world.

  1. Before You Buy

Keep in mind that new purchases become waste at some point so think before you buy. Opt quality over quantity and if you have an eco-friendly option, go for it!

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  1. Reusable Wet Wipes

Convenient to have on hand especially when you don't have immediate access to water but here's the thing, they can be made up of plastic fibers that are non-biodegradable. This DIY is an alternative that you can keep handy in the house and lessen consumption. 

  1. Green Cleaning

Introduce more natural cleaning items to your home which can be staples found in your kitchen, explain to your family that toxic ingredients found in commercial ones aren't good for you or the environment.

  1. Whole Food Recipes

Snack on food that doesn't have artificial preservatives, flavors, colors and all that junk. These recipes mainly use fruits and veggies that are healthy and don't contribute waste when it can be composted.

  1. Zero-Waste School Supplies

We all have to stop the hoarder within us, especially when faced with cute school supplies. That means put the washi tape down and just walk away! Opt instead for supplies you can reuse long-term, think wooden ruler, refillable pens, stitch bound notebooks and so much more!

  1. Bring a Tumbler

Imagine how many plastic cups from tea and coffee shops are filling our trash. If everyone brought their own reusable tumbler for the barista to fill, we'd really be a big help to this planet. Bring a personalized one that's dipped in glitter. Fancy!

  1. Newspaper Trash Cans

Swap the plastic trash bag for folded newspaper. It won't hold damp waste like food and such but it's good enough for dry litter. Use this in the car or in your room.

  1. Zero Waste Beauty Routine

Can your daily beauty routine be zero waste? Although it can be a huge leap from what you're used to, this blog features just that.  Get an overview of how achievable it can be and maybe adopt even one or two things.

  1. Buyerarchy of Needs

Before buying becomes the only option, make sure to exhaust the other tiers in this pyramid. If you consciously make an effort to follow this, you'll end up with a lot saved.

  1. Furoshiki Your Gifts

It's such a waste to throw away gift wrappers. It’s tricky to reuse even when you carefully peel away tape and ribbon. Instead, take inspiration from Furoshiki or Japanese wrapping cloth. You'll be surprised at how much you can beautifully wrap in cloth which your recipient can surely reuse.

  1. Zero Waste Blogs

Stay aware! Read up on more zero waste practices that you can adopt through these blogs and be sure to spread and apply what you've learned.

Got more tips to share? Let's talk in the comments below!

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