15 Gifts You Can Make For Your Besties

Through thick and thin, your best friend has always been there for you. Show your thanks and love by surprising your bestie with thoughtful presents on this list.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Nov 16, 2014
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  1. Bedroom Balloon Surprise
    Make your bestie's birthday memorable by using only two things, balloons representing her age and photos! Pick pictures that show off her stages of growth and number it from 1 to her current age. Let her reminisce through each one in her bedroom.

  2. A Harry Potter Journey
    If your bestie is a Harry Potter fan, this pin will show you the best present ever! Recreate scenes from books 1-7 and combine a treasure hunt experience for your friend as well. Major effort=love! You can also do this with other movie themes.

  3. Open When...
    For this DIY, you'll need cutest envelopes you have or DIY some to create little presents for your bestie, label each one from, "Open when you're having a bad hair day" to "When you pass an exam!" and give her stars, quotes or funny stories to make her day.

  4. Friendship Bracelet of Memories
    Pick out photos of you and your bestie which show off your best moments together, edit them together in a long strip that fits around your wrist and print it out on photo paper. Cut the strip and punch holes on both ends, secure them with a string or some loom bands.

  5. Picture Collage
    Let the story of your friendship always remind you of your strong bond together. Instead of posting them online or letting it collect dust in an album, why not post your photos on your friendship wall with some twine, pegs, or washi tape?

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  6. Photo Bookmarks
    Have a lot of besties in your circle? This fun and thrifty project will still help you make a thoughtful gift. Follow the steps on this pin so you can create a bookmark worthy of a lasting impression.

  7. DIY Funfetti Candles
    Create a unique candle that reminds your bestie of all the good things in the world, like cake! This cute candle is easy to do and delicious to look at. Click this pin for the instructions.

  8. Countdown of Presents
    This is fun to do: collect presents for your bestie and put them in one big box. Place envelopes on each flap with numbers same to the gift, then write a message on each one that you want your bestie to read along with the present.

  9. Mini Photo Album
    Perfect for Instagram besties, collect all pics that tell the best stories. Edit them side by side and print it out on photopaper, staple the center to form mini photo albums that you can hang on key chains or have around to keep your bestie happy!

  10. Hot Cocoa Kit
    Get a mason jar and fill it up with powdered choco mix, marshmallows, cinnamon sticks for a lovely hot cocoa kit your bestie will surely appreciate especially on cold, rainy nights.

  11. Macaron Lip Pot Key Chain
    Create the cutest lipbalm case for your bestie! Use her fave flavored lippie (it has to be in a pot!) and some air dry clay to create the pads of the macarons. Click the pin for step by step instructions.

  12. Status Update Coasters
    Browse through old yearbook photos or Facebook for some memorable photos and quotes or status from your bestie, print those out and apply with glue on a round cardboard. Create a waterproof barrier by applying a layer of glue for super fun coasters!

  13. DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray
    Give the gift of best hair day in a bottle; this sea salt hair spray will surely make your bestie smile with natural beachy waves. Create some for yourself, too!

  14. Mini Spa Jar Kit
    Grab your bestie's set of fave nail polish, cotton pad wipes and some scrub and fill it in a jar for an at home mani-pedi spa kit. Be as creative with the packaging as possible!

  15. DIY Armband for iPod/Phone
    Bust out your sewing kit! This project will require you to sew a pretty armband perfect for the gym buff bestie that loves to work out while listing to music. Click this pin for instructions.

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