15 Fun Grad Photo Themes

by Melanie Santiago   |  Apr 2, 2016
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  1. Cinderella
    Grab your best pair of heels and make it an accent to your photo. Look like Cinderella before her final reveal.

  2. Superhero
    Embody your fave superhero and wear their costume underneath your toga, this Super Girl pin would be perfect!

  3. Book Lover
    Use your fave books as props and put on a classic getup, if you can, take the shoot in a field of flowers similar to this pin to make it more interesting.

  4. Globetrotter
    Stack vintage suitcases in an interesting setting, this pin features railroad tracks but you can also do this on a bridge or garden, include your friends and get a group shot to give as a souvenir after graduation.

  5. Festival of Colors  
    Show your artsy side and literally paint yourself! It's guaranteed fun and you'll most probably be the only one to pull off this colorful shoot.

  6. Confetti
    Get a tight shot blowing off glitter or confetti for that magical feel.

  7. Chalkboard Message
    Let your photo speak with a chalkboard sign; write down your fave quote or a message that says, "I'm done!"

  8. Then & Now
    Print a photo of your young self and cut in half, get a close-up with it on the other side of your face to show off a then and now portrait.

  9. Framed
    Use empty frames as props; play around with perspective and angles to turn a simple shoot more interesting.

  10. Sidewalk Chalk
    Take your shoot outside the studio and express your creativity using chalk. The more colorful the better!

  11. Sporty
    If you’re part of the varsity team, incorporate your love of sport in your photo. This pin is inspired by basketball and combined prom dress with basketball shoes at the court.

  12. Streamers
    Colorful streamers hanging from the ceiling can really add an extra oomph to your photo.

  13. Chic & Vintage
    Vintage photos don't need to be in black and white. You can pull off the same vibe as long as you stay within nude colors and soft lighting.

  14. Boho Princess
    Pick your setting and lay down a rug, fill with books, pillows and other accents to complete a small space you can sit on and have fun in. Blow some bubbles while you're at it!

  15. Mirrored Image
    Bring a full length mirror to your shoot and use that as another channel to look into the camera for an interesting POV.

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