15 Filipino Illustrators You Should Know

For the artsy Candy Girls, don't ever stop what you're doing.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Aug 13, 2016
Image: Monica Ramos | monramos.com
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  1. Jap Mikel

Traverse in Jap's world of geometric impressionism, which offers a unique look to his work mostly influenced by Philippine culture, history, folklore and pop culture.

  1. Kerby Rosanes

Known as the "doodler," but his work is more than just. Check out his portfolio of immense detail and precision.

  1. Abigail Dela Cruz

There's a whimsical look to Hyamei’s artwork and if you're a fan of cartoons and anime, you’ll love the fan art she has on her site.

  1. Gel Jamlang

If you're a budding watercolor artist, take inspiration from Gel's surreal works.

  1. Abigail Diaz

Check out Abigail's digital paintings that offer a dreamlike ambiance to them. Her work is inspired by portraits that range from Disney characters to famous celebs.

  1. Tof Zapanta

Head on over to his Behance portfolio for a collection of interesting digital works and sketches that play with the mind.

  1. Margaret Morales

Find beautiful watercolor art from Margaret Morales with a focus on portraits of women.

  1. Valerie Chua

Expect dreamy works of art from Valerie and get to know more about her in this interview which she explains the most unique elements to them.

  1. Megan Diño

Get a personal look at Megan's world as she tackles her thoughts on commissions and things like what art materials she buys. Her watercolor pieces are soft and lovely.

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  1. May Ann Licudine

Her work will transport you to a whimsical place, if you’re a fan of Studio Ghibli, you'll surely enjoy her art. In her blog, she also shares her personal challenges that make her a determined artist.

  1. June Digan

Enter June's world of watercolor and typography; follow her on Instagram for a daily dose of inspiration.

  1. Nicolas Roas

His work is best described as "girls with big eyes, pouty lips, and beautiful hair," and is inspired by fashion. 

  1. Soleil Ignacio

You might find this fashion and beauty illustrator's works on famous brands and in glossies, check out the pops of color in her pieces.

  1. Monica Ramos

Monica combines cute illustrations with ideas that make you want to scroll for more, no wonder her list of clientele is long.

  1. Tokwa Penaflorida

Thought-provoking and unusual, his work will inspire you to create art that’s true to you.

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