15 Fashion and Beauty DIY Projects To Try This Month

by Melanie Santiago   |  Oct 12, 2014
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  1. The Benefits of Rice Water
    Think twice about tossing water used to clean rice with. It contains beauty vitamins and minerals to help reduce pores and keep your skin firm while giving you a nice glow. Use it as a toner and as a hair rinse.

  2. DIY Lovely Arm Candy
    From braided colorful thread to elegant dainty pieces, this pin shows you an array of bracelets that can suit any party or occasion and perfect for last minute gifts for your besties.

  3. "Green" Beauty Recipes
    Let the goodness of all natural ingredients kiss your skin! From green tea to cucumber, apples and kiwis, this pin shows you how you can maximize simple kitchen ingredients for healthier skin.

  4. DIY Stylish Necklaces
    Experiment with stylish necklaces that play on different trends to give your outfit of the day a step up.

  5. DIY Makeup Remover Pads
    Take on this beauty trend with some cheap ingredients at home, make your own makeup remover pads for convenient and fast touch-ups from messy applications with just 3 ingredients.

  6. 40 Ways to Wear a Scarf
    Make the most out of your scarves by experimenting with this knot library, create interesting ways to wrap it around your neck, shoulders or hips, use it as a bustier or a belt.

  7. All-Natural Facial Mist
    Refresh your skin with an all-natural mist, put a few strips of cucumber, sprigs of lavender and mint in a spray bottle and fill it up with water. Tote it around whenever you need hydrating.

  8. DIY Gold Button Glitter Stud Earrings
    Update your earring collection with a pair of gold glittered studs using old buttons, glue and gold glitter. Browse the thrift store or vintage clothes for gold buttons to achieve the luxurious effect.

  9. Brown Sugar Lip Scrub
    Exfoliate your lips more often with sugar, honey and olive or coconut oil for smooth and soft lips. Make this a habit to prep your kisser before swiping on a matte lippie.

  10. 10 DIY Hair Accessories
    Check out this pin for 10 beautiful ways to make your hair bands and clips more fun and fashionable with leather bows, pearls and geometric embellishments.

  11. DIY Chic Clutches
    You can never go wrong with a clutch or pouch that's perfect for storing your essentials while still looking cute! Click the pin for 10 adorable DIY projects.

  12. DIY Nail Hacks
    Make applying nail polish a whole lot easier with simple hacks like applying Vaseline to your cuticle to easily clean up any mess, some tips about using glitter, how to do ombre, and more!

  13. Lazy Gal Nail Art Designs
    Try out these chic nail art designs that are perfect for a lazy afternoon. Get salon nails without spending a lot and using simple tools like bobby pins, angled brushes and tape!

  14. 5 Makeup Brush Tricks
    Steal these makeup tricks from the pros, and your own your way to better blended makeup and long lasting tools!

  15. Proper Way to Conceal Pimples
    Invest in a green concealer, it’s the opposite hue of red in the color wheel and will take away the blush from your acne. This pin breaks down the steps on how conceal blemishes which is perfect for special occasions.

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