15 Empowering Quotes To Get You Through This Month

Get a quick confidence boost right before school starts or before you jet off to your new career. Take charge of your choices and turn them into actions. Nothing is more powerful than a girl who knows her goals and works hard to get it!
by Melanie Santiago   |  May 4, 2014
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  1. Prince Charming Can Wait
    Whether your goals range from academic to extracurricular, honing your talents or being fit, a girl who strives hard has a stellar future with one less problem—guys!

  2. Throw it Away
    Ever hear that small voice at the back of your head that tells you "No," "You can't" or "You're not good enough"?  Kick those voices out and replace them with milestones and your achievements.

  3. Life is One Big Dance
    You're still at the start of your journey, don't let mistakes stop you from trying again. Accept it for the wisdom it brings and the strength it will give you. If you stumble, make it part of a dance!

  4. Dare to be You
    Do you find that your true self won't fit in? Dare to be yourself! Love your unique and weird sides, your strengths and your flaws, and everything in between.

  5. Let It Go
    Yes, sing it to your heart's content. But instead of turning your surroundings into ice and snow, why not think of a problem—a habit or way of negative thinking—and just let it go. Set yourself free and take in heaps of the new you!

  6. Never too Late to Restart
    Who says you can only start your day over when it's sundown or sun-up? If you think you need a fresh start from what you were doing, just do it!

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  7. Wonderful Things will Happen
    Don't let a single negative thing bring your whole day down, enjoy the little things like laughter, a thoughtful text or believe in the spur of the moment. Many wonderful things can happen in a short time!

  8. Keep Going
    What better way to keep motivated than setting rewards for yourself or keeping inspiration near you? Constantly think of a model figure, like your mother or relative or your favorite idol.

  9. Prove Them Wrong
    Haters gon' hate! Work hard to prove others wrong, but most of all, prove yourself that you can be better!

  10. Risk Taker
    Two things why taking risks will benefit you, if you take it and win, you'll be super happy. If you lose, you'll be wiser.

  11. Be Dauntless
    You are braver than you think. Clothe yourself with strength and dignity and laugh without the fear of the future! 

  12. 18 Things to Do
    Try this mental checklist and become happier and healthier. If you've ticked of some of the points in this list, why not share it with a friend who is in need of help.

  13. Stronger
    You're not as breakable as you think, repeat this mental chant, "You are stronger than this challenge and this challenge will make you stronger!"

  14. Patience
    Your whole life is full of waiting: waiting to grow up, to graduate, to earn your first pay check, to love, and a whole lot more. You'll need to be very patient in life, but patience is not just the ability to wait. It's the ability to keep a good attitude, to see the joy and wisdom while you wait.

  15. The Soft Whisper of Courage
    Sometimes it's not a loud affirmation that screams courage. The greatest comeback is trying again the next day with solemn resonance.


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