15 Embarrassing Moments In Sports

When a sport gets physical, up go your chances of falling flat on your face!
  |  Jul 10, 2010
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  1. Butterfly Blues
    I was about to tee off at the first hole of a golf club. I was so conscious because this hole was right by the club house and there were a lot of people who could see me. I took two practice swings to be safe. When I was more confident, I stepped up, swung and...missed! I missed even after all that practicing! —Paolo, 20
  2. Ready, Set, Ouch!!!
    Our school had intramurals and I was part of the relay team. As I passed through the tires, I started crawling through the garter maze and boom, my shoulder got dislocated. I couldn’t move so I was stuck in there for the longest time. The medics had to cut up the garters just to get me out. This happened in front of the whole school! —Elaine, 19
  3. Girls Rock!
    My friend and I had always planned to play a game of badminton after we found out that we both play the sport. We’d trash talk each other jokingly, but deep inside, I was so confident that I’d beat her easily. I mean, I’m a guy (haha!). When we did play, I lost to her by such a big margin that I had to deal with her mocking me that day and the next few days after that. It was so humiliating! —Martin, 20
  4. Swing, Swing!
    I have a signature badminton move that never fails me. It involves having to swing my hips to the right while swinging the racket towards me at a certain angle. Sounds complicated, but it works every time...well, except for one time. We were in the middle of a really intense game and as the shuttlecock flew towards me, I geared up to perform my move, but when I swung my racket, I ended up hitting my crotch—hard! Man, the pain was unbelievable! We had to end the game. —Paul, 18
  5. Frisbee Xing
    I had been dying to try out Ultimate Frisbee because of all the good things I heard about it. All the speculation was true—especially the rumor that lots of cute guys play. My first time was on beginners’ night and I really wanted this guy to look my way. In the end, I achieved my goal because due to my making “pa-cute”, I wasn’t focused on learning the elements of passing and catching a frisbee that just when he was watching me, a frisbee hit me on my forehead! Ouch! —Andrea, 19

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