15 Embarrassing Moments In Sports

When a sport gets physical, up go your chances of falling flat on your face!
  |  Jul 10, 2010
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  1. Red Ice, Baby
    I used to be really into figure skating. One day at the rink, I was skating away waiting for my coach to arrive for my one-on-one class. On that day though, I had my period. In the process of trying to perfect one of my jumps, I didn’t land properly and fell flat on my behind. When I stood up, I noticed that a portion of the ice I landed on was pinkish red. I was so embarrassed that I pretended to fall again so I could wipe off the blood! Gross!­ —Isabel, 20
  2. Let It Rip!
    I was a lifter for an all girls’ school cheerleading team. As we were practicing a basket toss, my pants ripped when I had to squat to prepare for the toss. Everyone heard the rip and knew what happened. I tried to keep my cool but I just wanted to disappear into thin air! —John, 20
  3. Wimbledon… Not!
    At a UAAP tennis match, there was this really long rally for one point between me and the other guy. After hitting the ball back and forth more than twenty times, I hit the ball to the end line of my opponent’s court and my opponent wasn’t able to get to the ball. I thought I finally won the point so I faced the crowd, put up both arms and screamed, “Yeah! Come on!” I felt like the best player alive until the umpire broke the news to me. My shot was out—and I lost the point! —Gino, 19
  4. Drop It Like Beckham
    I invited my girl friends to watch one of my football games for the first time. Of course I made sure I played well or even better than usual that day. The game was very intense. It was so intense that it was quite physical and when I had a one-on-one thing with some guy defending me, he did a fast one and pulled down my shorts. I didn’t tie the strings of my shorts. I never do! It’s a good thing that my jersey was not tucked in so nothing was seen, but my shorts still fell down to my knees! So much for impressing the girls. —Miko, 16
  5. Man Overboard
    We were rowing in the Pasig River one morning. I was new on the team so I wasn’t a very good rower yet. The proper way to row is to follow the cadence of the rower in front of you. At one point, I got so tired that I lost my cadence so my oar got entangled with the oar in front of me. With this, the boat capsized and we all fell into the filthy river! —Dino, 19

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